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Stoopid GRRR..

Hai Thar World(s)?

Anyhoo, enjoying the long weekend guys? Mines been awesomely filled with homework. Damn you school! *waves fist* WEll there isn't actually alot of stuff to do.. let me see:

- PowerPoint Presentation for french ... *Done!! :D:D Although I have the lamest subject/presentation.. ah bleh.
- Finish Art Exposition Project.. Zomg my project is so fail. I'll elaborate after.
- Make locker birthday thingy for someone who has the same birthday as me :) ...Haven't started.. good job patty -_-
- Finish math hwk. 15 min tops. Normal gr9 math is so jokes.
- Work on French comic... (no comment @_@)
- Reply to emals/msgs .. Errr so long -_-

Err.. that kinda is alot O.o I take back what I said earlier.

Well i feel like ranting about this art expo thing. I joined the art commitee at school and we have to make a project so that we can display it at the upcoming exposition we're organising... I decided to make a tree made out of wire? It's so fail at the moment.. it doesn't even hold up straight! .. AHH fml.
I'm not too sure how it's going to turn out but I'm really scared it's going to be really bad! >.< EEK.

Kinda-ish freaking out here...there's going to be 11 and 12th graders displaying their art and it's going to be amazing!! Then there's my fail tree. Oh gosh.

God. Plz help.



Utter Laziness.

Hai THAR world,

I'm feeling very lazy this semester. Perhaps because it is so easy. I mean seriously:
- Math <- ZOMG so easy it's not even funny
- Gym <- No homework + fun :D!
- French <- No-brainer
- Arts <- I have to take all three but you still get no homework and they're uber fun!

So there you have it. My super awesome term and the reason to my laziness.

Anyhoo... haven't posted in such a long time! Does anyone even read my blog? 1 Follower Bahh to whoever is reading, if that is, anyone is reading. Here it goes :)

In my school, in grade 9, you take part of "Intergrated Arts" which means you take all three arts: Visual, Music and Drama. This allows you to know and have a feeling of what each course is going to be like. So far, I've done Visual and Music. SO that leaves Drama. I had my first class today.

Our drama teacher is the best! He's so funny. He's really cool and down-to-earth. You know he's very relax and he's himself. He encourages us to be us. And not fake. It's actually a rule in the class. No fakeness. That's pretty cool. Well That's what I think. He also teases us ... which is cool. Because he's not being mean and all strict.

I pretty much laughed during his whole class. It's kinda in-the-moments there jokes. I remember one him saying: (It was in french but I'll translate :D:D)
" When I was young, I was pretty damn cute. You know that eh?" He was making a point about how appearance doesn't matter and the inside is beautiful.

First class of drama was a good experience. I'm usually really shy. Well that's not exactly true... I have split personalities? O.o One side of me is shy and studious I guess and the other, which only some people see.. is this messed up WAH! Asian-Kid fob who's high on life. It's pretty weird?

People are really hmm not like me at school. Perhaps because there's no asians? Ehe.. but most girls are really girly and well the stereotypical girl. And the guys? Well some are gamers, some are hypocritical trouble makers. Where do I fit in? Hmm, there's something I should find in.

Anyhoo.. I should work on my french opinion text so...

SimpleDork Signing out!