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Bad Day? (rant)

Argh. (hello bloggers!)

Today was a bad day. Started off really well then just plummeted. (waon waon waon.. *cue "This sucks" music) I really hate how I over analyze certain situations and am really sensitive we'll say? Why must I be cursed with over-emotions?! Over-reacting at the slightest emotional-trigger. *le sigh.

Lots of things past my mind everyday... :3 this often leads to spacing out but yeppers. Anyways, on with my over-analyzing powers, WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE SO DAMN IGNORANT? Would it kill you to keep your mouth shut if you don't have anything nice to say? Do you even THINK of what you're saying? Is your own world the only what that exist? Are insults just JOKES? Why must everything go YOUR way? You do realize there are people living around you right? ...

It's so frustrating! Have you ever met someone like that? Every action and movement that that certain person does makes you mad. If you haven't, consider yourself VERY lucky :D cause they are a pain in the arse.

There's this guy. It's really just *facepalm! The way he talks and deals with situations is just saddening or rude. Has he learned manners? That I am not sure of.

When asked the question: Why do you think women are good for?
He answers: Bangin' the shit outta them.

LIKE SERIOUSLY? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Hasn't our society defeated the sexism that we had in the early years? I may be a girl and overreacting but I'm almost certain there would be many guys appalled by his way of thinking. And it doesn't end here...

I'm pretty sure he has never done any homework by himself. Always asking for homework and answers. He pulls our math class back. Alright, math is hard and people learn at different speeds. BUT, this is a IB math class. Why would you enroll in IB without being prepared to work?! All the positive consequences gained from IB are not handed to you.

And when it comes to music, no other style of music is better then his own. No other instrument, no other things then what he prefers. I play flute.. Flute sucks, it sounds horrible, you're not playing with us. Doesn't seem like a big deal right? Well my over freakin' over-sensitiveness got the best of me and voila: upset patty.

GAHHH. I just want to like know what he thinks inside his head! Does he think and just say it? Or just not think and blurt out whatever comes to mind? I want to know what pushes him to say the certain things he says!!

So fellow bloggers, how do you deal with these people? It's just so =.=

-pat (is very mad, frustrated and NYAAAAA :3)

It's harder than it looks.


So as we all know, school is a (insert desired word here). So I don't think I should rant about that :) But I don't know what to talk about.. so I'm just going to ramble along...

I was talking to a friend the other day and we got into this conversation of what bothers us. And well, apart from deadly school work and evil teachers, we named a couple traits that some people have. It really drives us crazy. For him it was the fact that some people try too hard to fit in with the crowd.

And that makes me think. Why do people do that? Why do they feel that they themselves are not enough to be "cool"? Why is today's youth obsess with being accepted by certain peers? But then again, sometimes it's hard to find people like you. And I can say that it is hard.

Nobody in my grade has shown interest in photography.
Nobody in my grade makes up words and actually uses them on a daily basis.
Nobody in my grade just wants to talk about random mangas and asian music groups.
But who can blame them :P

But you know I survive. Most of the people I hang out with aren't at my school and I barely get to see them. And one is overseas (woohoo =.=) Sometimes, I get how frustrating it is. But I still don't see why you should change who you are as a person. I've lost friends who immersed themselves into the crowd and they've completely changed. And it's just sad because you knew the person they once were.

But sometimes I wonder.. How can so many people share such shallow interest and be so ignorant while so little people can share the same interest and values as me? How can my whole class laugh at a war movie when it hurts me to see it?

I guess it is true when they say true friends are hard to find.

BAH, I guess I turned this into me towards the end and about school. Hm whatever, school is a big part of my life anyways. :D And it's my blog so BAH! :D


I'm not dead.

Hello! :D

So yes. I'm not dead. I know I haven't been uploading and haven't posted in a while.


It's just school and work. And just overall physical and mental tiredness. Wow I sound depress. But still, I just feel overwhelmed lately. I'm so sorry for not posting a photo lately =.=

Although on the bright side, I do have a photo essay. So if you like warphotos then you shall be served :D Sooon..........



Hey there 3 followers and whoever might come by this blog! :D

We all know how fascinating and interesting my life is right? (NO. :D) So here are some few updates about well... my uberly awesome full of interesting events life. (Or in other words: Boring. But uberly awesome full of interesting events sounds better :3)
Let's start! :D

I've been recently told that my voice is actually really soothing and nice to the ear. Who knew eh? I never thought as myself as someone who would have a cool voice.. especially after you've heard my rockband skills :D So yeppers, you know there are some people sometimes that you could just listen forever? It's cause their voice is so mellow and relaxed and makes you smile :) There are some teachers and people like that in my school. It's awesome :D Oh, apparently I have a weird way of phrasing things and talk really quietly. But talking loud requires so much effort you know.. =.=

Secondly, I'm working on this "Remeberance Day" poster contest. (Mandatory for english class) I'd figure that my essay or poem skills will be quite the embarrassment so I went for the poster category. Too bad there is no photography ^^ That would have been fun :D Anywho, my idea is:

- Since poppies grow from overturned earth, I drew a poppy growing from the earth and its roots are being climbed by the silhouettes of soldiers. And there are rays of sunlight shining on the poppy.

Sounds good/confusing/weird/bizarre? (please leave a comment with an idea or suggestion of some sort :3)

I guess that's it. OH right todo list:

- Print ww1 picture for remembrance day expo at school.
- Read english book
- Work on poster
- Be happy :3
- SLEEP <- very important =.=
- and umm have a more uber eventful life (I don't think that is going to happen :3)

but most of all:

PHOTOSHOOT. I NEED THIS. And plus I have a war photo essay to do. Any suggestion of themes or ideas for that? Please please comment! (I'm not feeling it lately D:)

(sorry no picture this time =.=)