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Hey there 3 followers and whoever might come by this blog! :D

We all know how fascinating and interesting my life is right? (NO. :D) So here are some few updates about well... my uberly awesome full of interesting events life. (Or in other words: Boring. But uberly awesome full of interesting events sounds better :3)
Let's start! :D

I've been recently told that my voice is actually really soothing and nice to the ear. Who knew eh? I never thought as myself as someone who would have a cool voice.. especially after you've heard my rockband skills :D So yeppers, you know there are some people sometimes that you could just listen forever? It's cause their voice is so mellow and relaxed and makes you smile :) There are some teachers and people like that in my school. It's awesome :D Oh, apparently I have a weird way of phrasing things and talk really quietly. But talking loud requires so much effort you know.. =.=

Secondly, I'm working on this "Remeberance Day" poster contest. (Mandatory for english class) I'd figure that my essay or poem skills will be quite the embarrassment so I went for the poster category. Too bad there is no photography ^^ That would have been fun :D Anywho, my idea is:

- Since poppies grow from overturned earth, I drew a poppy growing from the earth and its roots are being climbed by the silhouettes of soldiers. And there are rays of sunlight shining on the poppy.

Sounds good/confusing/weird/bizarre? (please leave a comment with an idea or suggestion of some sort :3)

I guess that's it. OH right todo list:

- Print ww1 picture for remembrance day expo at school.
- Read english book
- Work on poster
- Be happy :3
- SLEEP <- very important =.=
- and umm have a more uber eventful life (I don't think that is going to happen :3)

but most of all:

PHOTOSHOOT. I NEED THIS. And plus I have a war photo essay to do. Any suggestion of themes or ideas for that? Please please comment! (I'm not feeling it lately D:)

(sorry no picture this time =.=)


JB said...

Hey good to hear from you. When is your next photo coming on Flickr!!!!

Well here's my input:

Your post sounds pretty cool. I think it will work good. Sounds good/bizarre haha.

Hm, theme for war photo essay... this is different from your last one? What about a girl waiting for her loved one to come back from war? Okay, sounds kind of lame....

JB said...

Lame, i put "post" instead of "poster"