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I'm Romantic!?


So for englsih we had to write wedding vows. For Romeo and Juliet of course ^^ Anyways, our teacher had faith in us that we could pull our or romanticism XD Bah, so here was my attempt at seeking my romantic-ness and Shakespearean :D Hope it's not too cheesy for you guys!

O Romeo,
Thine eyes shine as bright as the destined stars under which we exchanged our first vows.
Thou art but the one I am able to love,
Thou art but the one I should love,
Thou art but the one I could love.

O Romeo,
Thine heart is as sweet of the most beateous flower and as pure as the purest bar of gold.
May death do us apart,
May our past ne'er interfere,
May thou find ut joy by my side.

O Romeo It is but a dream to be here today,
To be here by your side, for now and for always.
So as I stand here on this present day,
Hold me hands for now until always,

O my Romeo...

OKAY, I just noticed that most of it was regular english. FAIL. Anyways, hope that gave you a good laugh at my romantic skills :)