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Damn it


Remember that english essay? Turns out there's more mistakes then words can describe and I just totally blew the whole thing. The thing that sucks the most is that I really thought I did good! But instead i Just blew it. UGH. Stupid grades! Why do they mean so much? Why is it so important to get good grades. Why am I really devastated by this grade! D:

This totally sucks! I guess the reason why I'm upset is due to teh fact that I really put alot of effort in that text.. only to get a mediocre mark back. GAHHH. So mad right now. Just ugh! =.=

Why do I let these numbers control my life as jason laucker would have said.



jason laucker said...

hehe i made a quote
by hey! feel better. mediocre is really better than bad, haha

i actually almost failed a geo unit test.. i wanted to kill myself :|