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I'm Romantic!?


So for englsih we had to write wedding vows. For Romeo and Juliet of course ^^ Anyways, our teacher had faith in us that we could pull our or romanticism XD Bah, so here was my attempt at seeking my romantic-ness and Shakespearean :D Hope it's not too cheesy for you guys!

O Romeo,
Thine eyes shine as bright as the destined stars under which we exchanged our first vows.
Thou art but the one I am able to love,
Thou art but the one I should love,
Thou art but the one I could love.

O Romeo,
Thine heart is as sweet of the most beateous flower and as pure as the purest bar of gold.
May death do us apart,
May our past ne'er interfere,
May thou find ut joy by my side.

O Romeo It is but a dream to be here today,
To be here by your side, for now and for always.
So as I stand here on this present day,
Hold me hands for now until always,

O my Romeo...

OKAY, I just noticed that most of it was regular english. FAIL. Anyways, hope that gave you a good laugh at my romantic skills :)


Overwhelmed D:


(Rant warning)

Oh my has school changed since the beginning of the year. It's all projects hwk projects hwk.. and umm projects D: And don't but it's school, you expect to get work non? NO THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Damn IB. I miss one day of school and I'm completely lost like UGH!

English: Projects + essay.... We're finishing that this weekend.
History: Huge Test @_@ Doesn't help that I dont know anything either... gah. Why are politics so complicated! D:
Math: Revision, homework, revision and it alternates (BLEH)
Music: Got to learn clocks on flute and focus on end of month evaluation. (I feel bad for people that have visual arts.. it's even worst!)

GAH :) I was sick today.. and guess what I did. 2hrs of history revision. And the ad part is I only managed to do half. I'd like to think of myself as a moderate pace worker.. but ten questions in 2hrs?! Apparently our test has 8 questions. Oh I smile at the thought of development questions.

A very tired and dead,

Hiya: Update

Hey :)

What's up world? I haven't had much time to blog, take photos, or even THINK of photos lately. Totally sucks. School is like a vaccum.. no a black hole! It just sucks all your time, and everything else! (And grades suck too XD)

Let's see I have to:
- Write an essay about romeo and juliet (UGH!) Damn you love at first sight.
- Make a Romeo and Juliet video (modernizing it)
- My history revision
- Study for history :P

BUT I managed to finish my math homework early and our group finished history :D So that's always good ^^

Nonetheless, some updates of what's going on lately. I got a job! (claps). I now work as assistant coach! And WOW, it's hard D: Being a coach is very hard! It requires a lot of focus and quick thinking. But nonetheless, I think it's a very good experience :) I'll get to learn new stuff and be with my team mates at the same time. It's great! (and my eyes burn from the chlorine and my legs go numb sometimes XD)

I think that's all for now :) Pretty big news right? Best of luck for you guys! ^_^
- pat



I got a second explore! WAHHH, I'm so proud! :3 This is really cool! A second one :D I wonder if people who get one on all their photos still freak out at every explore... Hmmm, must be so cool to have all your photos make explore :P

Anyways, this is the picture that made explore :D

This is awesome.... :3


Damn it


Remember that english essay? Turns out there's more mistakes then words can describe and I just totally blew the whole thing. The thing that sucks the most is that I really thought I did good! But instead i Just blew it. UGH. Stupid grades! Why do they mean so much? Why is it so important to get good grades. Why am I really devastated by this grade! D:

This totally sucks! I guess the reason why I'm upset is due to teh fact that I really put alot of effort in that text.. only to get a mediocre mark back. GAHHH. So mad right now. Just ugh! =.=

Why do I let these numbers control my life as jason laucker would have said.