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Happy Dance Time!!!!




I guess you can guess that I'm going to go read now :3

PS: YAY! *happy dance.

Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh :P WAHH.. don't you just love her?



I saw Ice Age today! It was so good! Although I had to go with a 9 year old and didn't get to see it with my friends, it was still epic :D I won't spoil it and quote all my favorite jokes because:

1- They are way to many!
2- That would just be so jerkish of my part :P
3- It wouldn't make sense when I type them

This was also the first movie I ever saw on American soil. How are the theaters here? Well.... they're small! I don't know if it was just this one; but it was smaller than the one at Elgin. Hard to believe eh? The screen was less wide, and there were less seats. Oh, they also show like 30180239812 warnings about turning off your cellphone. They only show one in Canada right?

They had this quote saying:
"It takes a lot of phone calls to make a movie but only one to ruin it."

Clever non?


So I totally fail at posting on my blog.

Patty's post count: 37UH HUH. THIS MUCH FAIL!

Well I shall post a piano theory rant soon... but I have to go do it first. AHHHHHHHAslDIJSAJDLAJ:LAJ:IWOI~!!!!!

Oki, BAI.
(I really just posted this so I would get more post :3...teehee)

Back in Austin


So I arrived back in Austin yesterday. It feels nice to be back at well "home"... although I can't really say that. Without countless hours on the road driving back, it was a pain. I have never been in a car for that long! O_O Who knew sitting down in a car seat could wear you out that much...

But nonetheless, I think my fatigue is also due to the fact that I pulled an all-nighter yesterday. Yuppers, I got home from a long road trip and instead of sleeping.. I stayed up to 7am. Smart move... I know. It was a good experience though. How? Well I don't really stay up late or pull any stunts like that usually. You can say my life is pretty lame :)

What else is new? OH! I GOT CONVERSE :3 Just normal Grey All Stars... but I always wanted them so YAY!!! Converse is awesome. Maybe I'll post a picture of them later but you know what they look like ^_^

ARGH! I have a whole yellow book of noob piano theory to do. Minors, majors, relative minors, double sharps, double flats, tonic, mediant, submediant... I'm going crazy. The worst part is that I totally fail at identifying the key signature of scales.. who do others do it!! >.< So unfair. AHH I wish I better at theory.

So many piano stuff to do; I also have to practice my songs. GAH, why can't I be gifted in piano like all the otehr asians :C. AH BAH.

HARHAR.. I found a baby picture of me; here's baby patty lol:

So small :3

Hypocrite. (Rant)


I'm kinda mad at the moment. Why is it that people can say bad things about the people who I idolize or admire yet when the smallest things said about their idols is the end of the world?

People have different taste in music; deal with it. You can say you don't like a certain band but you don't have to take it to another step and start saying stuff like;

Why would anybody like them? They're just absolutely horrible... I mean really! And keep going on and on and ON AND ON AND ON!! Especially when someone who likes them is right beside you. It's just respect like honestly. But it someone says something bad about YOUR favorite band, they're stupid or don't know anything about music. No, that's not it... they must be crazy but mostly stupid.

LIKE UGH! Do you want to hear about the people who you look up to put down? In a really rude way too...

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion." Yes. THEN RESPECT OTHERS OPINIONS!!!

As a swimmer, I look up to Micheal Phelps. I don't need to hear all the negatives about him. He did drugs, he smokes pot, he parties, he hooks up with girls... okay. That's not why I look up to him. I see him in the water, swimming, winning and doing what he does best. He's one of the best athletes in the world! SO SHUT UP! (I'm sorry that was harsh o.o)

I'm just really frustrated that some people who I'm around at the moment are really opinionated and make sure they get their point across. Like they don't care what other people think.. just what they like. And they're not open to different things, different people... stuff that's not your average joe. Because what they think is the ONLY way to go.

People who are asian are weird or odd.
Rock is horrible... rap is the way to go.
AE, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister... Why the hell would you wear that?
Family Guy is awesome.
CSI sucks.
Adam Lambert sucks.
Basket-ball is the coolest sport.
Smart cars suck and should be destroyed.
Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy are the worst bands EVER.

And many more things...

So basically, I feel left out most of the time... Always being different. I always have to sit there in the car or whatever and listen to their stupid obnoxious comments about the stuff I enjoy.

It's just really annoying...


(Spaz Alert!) ZOMG!

HAI THAR WORLD! (In which I now have two followers... which 1 i don't know personally but you know what? The more the merrier!)

*Initiate Patty Happy Dance* Woohoo.. two followers :]

Okay, I'm happy but that's not the reason why I'm freaking out now. Read carefully...



YAY! Here I come Adam Lambert! :) Weeeeeeee~

I hope to upload some pictures of the concert later... So make sure to check it out. I also have some more stuff I want to blog about so we'll see :)




That was suppose to be a site where I read a manga called Yotsuba. A really cute manga a friend recommended.


Patty demands her manga back..NAOOW @_@.

Patty isn't amused.



I stayed home today. Which was cool :P I'm tired...


Feeling weird at the moment.
Patty doesn't know what to do.


American Rant

HAI THAR WORLD (*cough*maggie),

I shall rant a bit more. Although I hate generalizing, I'm not going to but rather just talk about the kids I met so far; American Kids *sigh*.

Rude, talking back to their parents, having no appreciation for what they do, selfish, annoying, well honestly just rude and not listening to what their parents say.

Unlike Canada, America is more like a Melting Pot, a tomato soup where everything is one and the same. People merge to be the same to be accepted. On the other hand, Canada is more of a fruit salad. Where every ingredient keeps its flavor and individuality but is mixed together to form one delicious salad :)

So conclusion? Salads are better than tomato soups >:) AND healthier!

The kids I met here were like your stereotypical Russell Peter Ryan like kid. Not listening to their parents... and I guess we all do that but it's the fact that they're really rude and ignorant too.

Thinking that money grows on trees, that parents are there to make their lives miserable, complaining, taking things for granted, having MAJOR attitude, not appreciating the small things in life and always being moody for some reason.

American kids don't smile much... I find it weird.

I guess that's the end of my rant. It just makes me so mad... cause I can tell their parents try hard to discipline them (nothing like the reverse psycho asian-way) but the kids won't listen. It's really heartbreaking to see the faces of the parents sometimes when the kids won't listen.

They just don't know what to do! That must suck... I guess you don't want your kid to end up in a never-ending life ending hurricane which will lead them to a miserable life regretting the fact that they didn't listen to you and ruined their own life.

Wow that was sad O.o

Anyways, I'm tired.

Later... for now.

THE Grand Canyon


I feel really lucky to be able to see one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Who knew a big ...BIG hole in a rock could be so amazing.

Grand Canyon, Arizona... it was hot. WARNING: Canadians should NOT be exposed to that kind of heat. But I didn't want to be a drag so I kept my mouth shut and didn't complain.

So pweetyy!! <3

The part of the Grand Canyon that I saw was the south rim. I also hiked into 1.5 miles into the canyon. The first part was pretty easy since it was all down hill.. but the way back up; oh boy.

I really hate when people complain. That said, I had to hear the whining of how much people were tired, if their muscles were cramping up and complaining about the remaining distance. They didn't have to carry a back pack; filled with water and fruits.

The grand canyon was really amazing though. Weird how rocks could be so amazing eh? But I totally understand why people travel from all over to see this natural phenomenon. It's really amazing. It's really sad how some people don't appreciate it though.

Anyways, I took the opportunity to practice my fail photography skills:

This is my favorite picture... I don't know why :P
I don't know if you can tell, but it's B&W bark
Aiya, asian pose with Grand Canyon sign

Overall, the Grand Canyon was a super great experience! Just make sure you're fit before hiking down ;)

Adorkable <- tehehehe.. watta weird word

Awesome Vacay!


Guess where I am? VEGAS BABY! I walked around in Vegas at night yesterday... phew I'm tired now (I also stayed up with my buddy on skype). But that's besides the point..

Vegas was pretty damn cool.

There, I saw this show called American Superstars. It's a show where they impersonate people. They had Carrie Underwood, the King of Pop, Elvis Presley, Britney Spears and some other country singer. Can't remember.. teehee. It was pretty cool! So yea, here's MJ:

Before the show, we got to eat in the stratosphere! You know, that big tower? Anyways, it got us by surprise because it was a high class restaurant. But we didn't know that, when we got our tickets, they didn't mention that small detail... But nonetheless, this time not being my first at a high class restaurant, the food was really great!

Yum, yum and yummier! :)
But it was quite the experience! The restaurant revolved too so you could see the view 360 degrees. It was really fancy and nice! :3 Now for some more picture spamming... behold the coolest dining experience:

All these pictures were taken by me! :) Wow this summer vacation is really something!

My Very First iMAX Expeience

Hai Thar World,

I watched my very first movie in IMAX today. It was SO COOL! Everything looked so real like I could touch it, and it was a documentary about the Grand Canyon. There were scenes where it would give you the impression that you're in a plane flying above the canyon.


Uber coolness right there! And sometimes it would go down.. so it felt like ZOMG! >.< Nonetheless, it was awesome! I would watch IMAX anyday!

Oh right, I'm staying at a hotel just a mile away from the Grand Canyon at the moment. I'm so excited to see the Grand Canyon! People come from all over to see it this place; one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

It's kinda late now, well not really I stayed up until 3:30am last friday night. We talked all night it was funny. We complained about asian parents, and had nostalgic flashbacks of our childhood. We were going to pull an all-nighter but we fell asleep before... a little fail non? Ehe, whatever... it was fun! :D

This is the longest road trip I've ever been on. We're on the road for the most part of the day with a couple few rest stops; I'm sure it's going to be worthwhile! I'm seeing things I've never seen before, it's a real amazing experience.

So this is my summer so far, parents shipping me off to places and me learning new things everyday!

Patty signing out! :)

Fact 1- Americans say restroom instead of washroom lol

Fact 2- I never appreciated colored money..until now. Canadian money rocks!

Fact 3- It's so hot.

Fact 4- I'm 3 hours jet lagged.. ah guh!

New Cool Blog.


So yuppers... I have yet another new blog! So that makes 3 total. I don't plan on making any others though.. so no worries :P

So far:
1- Close-Up of my Mind...
A blog about my fascinating life that you love to read! Right?

2- Life of a Swimming Fishee...
A blog for swimmers, non-swimmers that talks about swimming experiences and pools. (click)

and.... last but not least
*drumrool puez!*

3- Lost and Found (click)

It's a blog that talks about cool gadgets, useless stuff we make and well I think it's pretty interesting. It's a good place to read about cool useless things :) Hey, go check it out, it's not like you do anything else more productive while you're on the computer ;)

That is all,

New Experiences!

HAI Thar World,

So guess what I did today... I went to my friend's Tae Kwon Doe Competition! You could see all the peopple dressed in white with their colored belts. I have never seen so many people gathered in one room that could potentially kick my butt. SO it was interesting I guess, but it started to all look the same at one point.

I am currently sitting on my butt and being lazy. WOW, amazing what summer can do to you right? Bahhh.. je suis une lazy butt.

On the side note, it's hot in Austin, Texas -_-
Like seriously, I thought Canadian weather was hot...

OOOOoo... I forgot to tell you guys about my fail guitar experience. I was at my friend's house with other people. We made yummy bubble tea and decided that we'll play around with the instruments. My friend, who plays the guitar, played some pretty epic songs and me (who was feeling very optimistic about my guitar playing skills; tried to learn a chord).

The Patty Process of Chord Learning.
1- Take guitar without dropping it.
2- Position fingers in right position.
3- Damn piano fingers bend, I press strings I'm not suppose to and not to forget the failure of stretching my fingers to reach certain frets.
4- In a very awkward position, I attempt to strum.
5- Of course, the beautiful sound of silence resonates in the room. (Apart from the laughter of my "friends")
6- That's right, I can't even make the right sound for the guitar *facepalm
7- OH it doesn't end here... I DROPPED the pick.
8- So I had to shake the guitar until I could get it out.. bahh

Wahhh... Domo playing guitar!

There are wonderful videos, courtesy of my peers of course! :)

Fave Manga :3!

HAI Thar world.. !!

**note: my favorite manga is actually Death Note**

So yuppers, I think you guys should read this manga because it is pure awesomeness! It's kinda of shonen but yet it's like normal lifestyle of these two kids; I love it and wait for the updates eargerly every thursday of friday...

IT'S BAKUMAN! (although i don't know why that's the title)


So, I hope you enjoy it as much as me! :3

It's really really really good. (Well to me..)

PS: You can read A LOT of manga on that site, so if you somehow don't like this series, check out some other ones.


CANADA DAY! and I'm in the States.

MAJOR *facepalm* WAhh!

Even though I'm far away, I shall show my patriotic Canadian side! *Raises fist in the air*. Weee...

and i do not own a dog sled, live in an igloo or see polar bears walk in front of my house.

So I hope you enjoy the richmond green prettyful fireworks and have a blast you fellow Canadians.

Awwiee :3 SO cute.