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2010: Here I come!

Last hello of 2009!

As millions of other people in this world, I'm going to make resolutions! So here goes nothing:

- STOP LOSING my things.
- Less procrastination
- More photography! (improving my knowledge, techniques, and working my imagination!)
- Expand my imagination :D
- Start drawing more
- Blog more regularly!
- Smile more :) And be more nice to EVERYONE even the people that annoy me =.=
- Take better car of myself (health, eating habits, skin blablabla)
- Be more active on art sites to get more recognition on my art ^^

I think that should keep me busy for a whole year :D So basically, when combining all those...

This 2010 I, Patrishee should:

Stop losing stuff, think of rainbows and SMILE :D




SO with the new year approaching, let's look back and see what this year of 2009 has brought me :) (feel free to do your own post!)

This 2009 I:

- went to the states for the first time :D
- met a really uberly awesome friend there that lives in taiwan
- Finished my first year of high school? :D
- took up photography! I think it's been 5 months so far! ^_^
- got a job
- saw the grand canyon
- went to las vegas
- had an all-nighter while on skype (oh can you feel the coolness?)
- had a fail all-nighter XD
- discovered my fail skills at guitar
- Discovered MLIA :D
- stopped swimming T.T
- cried of joy and sadness
- grew? (please please please :3)
- got into asian music (aahaha XD)
- Discovered some pretty cool and intense photographers (2010 i can perhaps meet them :O?)
- SAW THE OLYMPIC TORCH! :D Not in vancouver though lol ^^
- OH got a phone!
- unveiled the true nature of some people for the good and bad
- got into ib by simply filling out an application
- got a flickr account?
- learned about our world history ^^
- Got an SLR :D
- saw american idol! :D (yay adam lambert ^^)
- got converse
- saw a full rainbow

That's all i can think for now lol. I realize this is a very boring blog post ^^

peace :D

Olympic Torch! :D


Well it has been a while. I REALLY BIG WHILE! And in that time spent, the Olympic torch came through my town and using my new slr, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get some great shots :D Plus, I saw my friend there :D

Enjoy! :D



*drum roooooll pleaaseeeeee :D



No way no way! :D It's really exciting, although I haven't even taken my first picture yet aha.

But i had to blog about it :3






Christmas is coming up so soon, what are you guys asking for?! :O I'm part of many secret santas ahahaha I love those things. So epic.

(I think i'd mention that my mom is singing in the other room. I'm loling :) She's not the best singer :3)


Anyways, exams, studying, other people's complaints, depression and other more down and sad stuff. Why are my surroundings so depressing D: There's this thing that's really bugging me.

My friend and i did a project. But I practically did all of it... And today in class, we were told to write on a piece of paper the amount of work we did. I wrote down that I did, I was just so mad at the time that I was stuck late nights while she was out shopping?!

But now that I think back on it, was it worth it? Did I just let my emotions overpower me? Will this provoke the LOSS of my friend? It's already hard for me to make friends.....what have I done? I know she meant well but I just thought it wasn't fair! Why does my conscience and that little voice at the back of my head prevent me from saying the truth?