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2010: Here I come!

Last hello of 2009!

As millions of other people in this world, I'm going to make resolutions! So here goes nothing:

- STOP LOSING my things.
- Less procrastination
- More photography! (improving my knowledge, techniques, and working my imagination!)
- Expand my imagination :D
- Start drawing more
- Blog more regularly!
- Smile more :) And be more nice to EVERYONE even the people that annoy me =.=
- Take better car of myself (health, eating habits, skin blablabla)
- Be more active on art sites to get more recognition on my art ^^

I think that should keep me busy for a whole year :D So basically, when combining all those...

This 2010 I, Patrishee should:

Stop losing stuff, think of rainbows and SMILE :D



Mag-J said...

lmao I totaly should stop losing things too ;P