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New School Year Butterflies

Hey there world!

So I'm just sitting here and well doing nothing.. well nothing productive at least. In two days, I have to go to school to get organize and whatchamacall it get my schedule and locker and blablabla. I really look forward to seeing everyone, it's been two months already, can you believe it?

About school, I'm worried of how it's going to be... will people be the same? Will friendships stay the same as they were? You really never know after summer, 2 months without the influence of your school peers can really change the way you are. Being kinda awkward like me, I never really perfectly fit in except for my last year of elementary school where I changed school for the last grade. That was the best year of elementary school I ever had. Highschool is really a different story though.

It's just that I'm worried of how the people are going to be. Will my friends find new ones? This happened before and it just totally sucks. Bleh I'm just overreacting right?

I remember my summer where I was entering grade nine (so last summer), I was so worried about the new adventures of highschool (partially inspired and influenced by movies). I kept asking my older peers about how it was and what to look out for. But I guess it's just another experience to help you grow as an individual, find out who you are, what you like, who are your friends, wahhhh well just finding about yourself!

But I guess the answer to my questions will be revealed soon enough in the upcoming days.


JoyDesigns! Check it out?


I know there might not even be a point to this entry because my blog is well... let's face it, not popular.. (at all =.=) :D But I've never really featured anything and I thought this might be cool.

Anyways, enough about that, moving on! Two of my really great swimmer buddies created this site:

They sell hand-made jewelry (made by them of course!) and I think it's pretty neat :3 Their products (ooo sounds so formal) are really unique and pretty. So if you're looking for unique hand-made designs .. TADA! I just solved your problem.

Really great for gifts of any occasions!

Example! :D Nice isn't it? Well what are you waiting for?
Go check their site out! :D

Guang Liang <3


I have a recent obsession with the awesome Guang Liang! He's an amazing pianist and singer. Too bad he sings in mandarin :'( I wish I could speak mandarin! But he's really really really good.. He's just <3.

Hmm, I've been into Asian music lately. gahh I feel like such a failure, I can't speak the language.

This music video is really sad :C


I Fell.


Today, I fell down the stairs ^_^ I'm okay though, no worries. My foot just kinda hurts but it's really nothing.

Here's what happened:

I was going down the stairs and my feet were kind of slippery and at the bottom of the stairs i stepped near the edge and slipped. Chipped the corner or the wall o_o! So weird; I'm not hurt though. Just really freaky cause there was pieces of drywall on the ground; like drywall dust.

But anyhoo, my summer's been quite great. But I've been just relaxing lately, waking up late.. yuppers that is the life. My parents have been urging to get out of the house... I think they don't want me there. Ah well. *sigh

School is going to start soon! I'm excited :P I hope we get new people, a little more diversity would be really nice. Are you guys excited? We still have a school bus, isn't that weird? lol. But summer has gone by fast, like always. Time really does fly when you're having fun!

Undercover Reader
No editing done, just a photo :D
Don't you remember the days where you styed undercover desperate to finish those last pages?

~ Pat

OMG. TRIPOD! and comments


I got a tripod! I had before but it was liek 15cm tall... not quite practical. But NOW, I have a full-size one! Which is so uberly AWESOME! :D Sorry for the random spazzing.. but I'm so happy! It really gives me alot more opportunities to take pictures.

Talking about pictures, my editing is getting better and better after each picture :D It's a really great feeling. And plus, people are commenting on my artwork! MINE :D To know that people actually enjoyed to view my art is really a great feeling. Makes you happy on the inside you know?

That's one of the reason I write detailed comments... to show how much i appreciated it and well just to show that i also really enjoyed their work. It's always a pleasure to receive them as to give them out to know that you've made that person smile.

Burning Sky

Cool huh? This was the sunset after the huge storm passed in RichmondHill. I literally ran out in my pj's to take the picture ^^ Yes I was in PJs till sunset? Why not? They're so comfy :3

Oh about the storm, Maple had a tornado! A FREAKING TORNADO! How scary yet uberly cool is that? xD It's a shame though that some houses were destroyed and some people were injured though. It's the first time I've heard anything about a tornado near little richmond hill. Hmm well I thought it was still a tad cool!




Today was an alright day. I woke up, surfed a little on the web, ate, went to see G.I Joe later on the evening and came back home to my laptop again. Plain isn't it? Hmm let's talk about G.I Joe a little.

HARHAR, so it was a good movie :D I can't consider it one of my favorites but I still enjoyed watching it. *Sidenote: Channing Tatum is in it.. :3 teehee*. ANYhoo, there wasn't a really big storyline; just a really cool action movie with somewhat of a story going on. Some parts were really confusing too... but I think that's just me. I'm really slow at times T.T OH, forgot to mention, it was quite funny at some parts. One of the Wayne brothers plays a role, so you know it has to be funny ;)

The conclusion I draw would be that if you really like action movies, go for it! :D I'd still recommend to see it, but just a warning you won't be amazed.

Most of my day consisted of internet surfing. I wasn't feeling inspired or having any photo concept ideas... It's a really a really bleh feeling. I hope I can get a rush of creativity ^_^ Cause it feels amazing.. thinking of all this crazy stuff you could possibly do. But most of the time it's just a creativity slump. UGH!

Gosh, it's really hard to keep up with the pictures I already posted.. Bad memory patty D:<

TaDa? Not really amazing but it looks pretty? :3


Weird Restaurant


So a couple days ago we went to a restaurant called "Rudy's". It was quite odd; no vegetables. Oki, call me weird but I find that fact weird. Part of me wanting vegetables is part of my parents training me to eat them... so now I can't have a meal without them.... I don't know what they did but it worked ^__^

ANYWAYS, so at that restaurant the only thing they sold was bread+meat. And the plates were a type of ripped glossy wax paper. Quite the odd meal non? I don't understand how people can eat there.. it's meat AND bread. THAT'S IT O_O

The meat was good.. but it's just so odd.. just eating meat and bread; it's just so carnivorous.

So conclusion: Did I like it? meh. Was the meat good? Yea. Would I come back? No.

As I promised: A photo a post....

One idea led to another and I ended up with this...
Get me out of the big picture ^^


Not your typical teenager


I'm not your typical teenager :) Or maybe I am, but I always found myself different from most people. I just really fit perfectly with
someone until it automatically clicks most of the time. Don't get me wrong, I don't isolate myself for that reason but I find that it's not the easiest to just feel like I belong. Although for the few people I've met it's a really great feeling! Or maybe I'm just in a depressing mood..

Let's see what makes me different well not different but just me :D

I don't like roller coasters although most people love them> I have this awkward aura that follows me
during every conversation while most people can get along just fine> I know the dimsum funk while people will think I'm crazy> I enjoy photography while people like to stalkbook> I have a blog when others like to talk hours on the phone> I get amazed by little details when some don't even pay attention> I have my own vocubulary filled with wahs, yuppers, blehs, wee, phooie, awe and more while some prefer SMS, I listen to alternative and classic rock while people like the radio stuff> I like being green and eco-friendly when sometimes people just don't care> I admire athletes and artist compared to the people I see who drool over the latest hot guy> I have never seen or read Twilight compared to the rest of the population> I may be book smart but just clueless when it comes to common things of the street smarts> I like ranting about stuff when others come to me to complain about their lives...

Just another ranting post about just emptiness... *sigh* I just had this depressing thought of this post... I'm oki now^^

And I like to believe that I'm normal and the rest of the world is weird >:]
1,2,3,4 I'm counting!
Yet another photo so add to the Hide&GoSeek Set :3


Wee Hours


im not typing with proper caps today. well for not his post at least... i heard it was quite un-stressful to type without them. i'll let you know at the end of this post! :D although it's not helping much that i'm tired and making all these crazy stupid annoying typos.

tomorrow will be my last weekend in austin. went by fast non? and then im being shipped off to canada to enjoy their wonderful weather. im quite excited to go back though, i want to spend time with my friends before school starts. i hate how people always talk about how bored they are and that we should hang out later; but that never happens because there is a mystical power which makes the days people are busy and the days their friends are busy on the worst possible combinations. but that's okay since im one of those too-lazy-to-make-plans-so-i-sit-on-my-butt people ^_^

i'm excited for when tomorrow comes becasue im going to go outside and take some pictures. it sounds like fun! i hope i'll get some good shots i just wish it wasn't so hot T.T that's a killer. i, as a canadian citizen, do not like hot weather. it's just so uberly hot here! but i look forward to it and i hope i can learn more about the wonderful world of photography^^

Wasn't feeling inspired today *sigh*
But sitting in a box was fun...quite uncomfortable though ^^;

anyways, this no caps this isn't for me. i'm just too use to spelling with caps.. and plus i dont see my spellcheck :D gotta love spellcheck!

well bai for now :)


More Photo Blogging...

Hey Y'all :) LOL that sounds so Texan.

Anyways, my day was full of editing but today I explored so more creative concepts! Which was very fun! :D Sharing my picture-taking experience here is just adding more to blog about! Which means more post, more photo editing for these post AND more fun! :3

I'm really enjoying getting (the few) comments on my pictures... it just makes me so happy! People (positively) commenting on my art! Weeee~

Today was full of interesting stuff, new experiences and well life I guess. Let's start with my photo-taking craziness. Recently, I've been trying to think of creative concepts and ideas for pictures. Naturally, I take the pictures myself so I would need a tripod. And lucky me, they had one here! It was like a Christmas morning, I was just so happy. But that happiness kinda died when I noticed it was an old tripod and it didn't have a screw so I could put my camera.

So feeling innovative and not wanting to put this tripod to waste, I thought of a solution... I taped my camera to the tripod; sad isn't it? It worked too! Which was the great part of it... I just kinda find it funny :)

Moving on, I spent a couple hours editing this one picture. Which sounds a bit crazy until you actually try to edit a picture yourself and you'll see what I'm talking about :D The best part is that you don't see the hours go by so it's all good!

I'm so small, I fit in a drawer!
This was the first photo I spent a long time editing

I hope you're not getting to bored of my photo babbling post,

Bye for now?

Shhh! August.


So it's August already! Summer is going by pretty fast >.< But then again I'm excited for school; such a nerd non? When you think about it, school is fun :D You know without all the piles of homework and mean teachers but that's about it. With school you meet new people (and jerk-ish people =.=*), you get to do cool activities, you don't waste most of your time on the computer *cough*cough, and you actually do learn stuff you need. So I think all the complaining is because humans like to complain about stuff. Through blogs for example... *innocent look*.

I think I'm going swimming today wahhh~ Not with my swim team though :c I miss them!
Shhh! I'm hiding :D
Behing the curtains is such a classic! :3

I'm thinking of doing a series of photos around this hide and seek subject. It seems fun! Hiding in cool spaces and taking pictures :D

So long for now fellow bloggers! :)


Well it's 1:33 in the morning and I've been editing photos. I don't this is healthy :P My facebook, manga-reading, email-checking time have been cut down drastically because I'm just editing these photos.

It's just so fun! T.T Kukukuku

Bah I blame the people who got me into this :D (thank you). But it's really fun... I think I'm getting better at understanding the concepts and stuff. I just wish I had a burst of creativity; *sigh* if only I could have awesome ideas like everyone else QQ.

But I'll try to post an edited picture with each blog post :3 That should be easy considering I have plenty edited from today and that my post count is well err... not the highest.


The set of "Whoville" from: How the Grinch stole Christmas
Seen at Universal Studios

Later Alligator ^^

Oh yea I'm so cool.

New Photo Editing Addiction


As the title states, I have a new photo editing craze.

I've always been interested in photography and stuff but this is the first time I've actually taken the initiative and done something about it. GO PATTY :) And recently, I've been told my some people that I should start.. so now I'm hooked! I guess arsty-stuff always attracted me. But I have some big projects in mind >:)

Anywho, here is where I post my noob-attempted photography...mainly on the flickr account:


there's also my deviantart account where I post my art.. well what I attempt to do:

Enjoy! And I hope you're not blind yet from viewing it :3

Here was some I didn't post cause I was unsure if I should or not:

Mixed Feelings

Hey there ^^

My ranting might sound quite depressing sometimes but I prefer to type away my anger than to tell someone off, or just complain to someone. It feels like your bothering them you know? Maybe not, but oh well.

A thing that's been bothering me lately was the fact that people overuse sarcasm to a point where it's not funny anymore and hurtful. Sarcasm at the right moment can be hilarious, but said at the wrong time or by taking it too far, it's just plain annoying and rude.

Also, I think that the phrase: "No offense but, ..." is a complete oxymoron.
By saying no offense but saying an offensive thing.. what do you actually mean? Recently, I've had a lot of no offense's. That certain phrase doesn't make the fact that you said a mean thing "OK". For exemple, people have said the following while in a normal conversation in which I participated:

"No offense but the French are complete assholes."
"No offense but the French don't shower, they smell horrible."
"No offense but I find Asians are arrogant."

Why would you say no offense and say something mean against my culture which I am so proud of? Why would you say something that stereotypical in the presence of someone you're making fun of? How would you feel if I said something mean against you; but no offense you know.

It would be the equivalent of me saying:
"No offense but all the Americans are just idiots."
Never would I ever openly say this in public or in the presence of someone I might offend.

It's just really frustrating.