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Wee Hours


im not typing with proper caps today. well for not his post at least... i heard it was quite un-stressful to type without them. i'll let you know at the end of this post! :D although it's not helping much that i'm tired and making all these crazy stupid annoying typos.

tomorrow will be my last weekend in austin. went by fast non? and then im being shipped off to canada to enjoy their wonderful weather. im quite excited to go back though, i want to spend time with my friends before school starts. i hate how people always talk about how bored they are and that we should hang out later; but that never happens because there is a mystical power which makes the days people are busy and the days their friends are busy on the worst possible combinations. but that's okay since im one of those too-lazy-to-make-plans-so-i-sit-on-my-butt people ^_^

i'm excited for when tomorrow comes becasue im going to go outside and take some pictures. it sounds like fun! i hope i'll get some good shots i just wish it wasn't so hot T.T that's a killer. i, as a canadian citizen, do not like hot weather. it's just so uberly hot here! but i look forward to it and i hope i can learn more about the wonderful world of photography^^

Wasn't feeling inspired today *sigh*
But sitting in a box was fun...quite uncomfortable though ^^;

anyways, this no caps this isn't for me. i'm just too use to spelling with caps.. and plus i dont see my spellcheck :D gotta love spellcheck!

well bai for now :)