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I Fell.


Today, I fell down the stairs ^_^ I'm okay though, no worries. My foot just kinda hurts but it's really nothing.

Here's what happened:

I was going down the stairs and my feet were kind of slippery and at the bottom of the stairs i stepped near the edge and slipped. Chipped the corner or the wall o_o! So weird; I'm not hurt though. Just really freaky cause there was pieces of drywall on the ground; like drywall dust.

But anyhoo, my summer's been quite great. But I've been just relaxing lately, waking up late.. yuppers that is the life. My parents have been urging to get out of the house... I think they don't want me there. Ah well. *sigh

School is going to start soon! I'm excited :P I hope we get new people, a little more diversity would be really nice. Are you guys excited? We still have a school bus, isn't that weird? lol. But summer has gone by fast, like always. Time really does fly when you're having fun!

Undercover Reader
No editing done, just a photo :D
Don't you remember the days where you styed undercover desperate to finish those last pages?

~ Pat