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Mixed Feelings

Hey there ^^

My ranting might sound quite depressing sometimes but I prefer to type away my anger than to tell someone off, or just complain to someone. It feels like your bothering them you know? Maybe not, but oh well.

A thing that's been bothering me lately was the fact that people overuse sarcasm to a point where it's not funny anymore and hurtful. Sarcasm at the right moment can be hilarious, but said at the wrong time or by taking it too far, it's just plain annoying and rude.

Also, I think that the phrase: "No offense but, ..." is a complete oxymoron.
By saying no offense but saying an offensive thing.. what do you actually mean? Recently, I've had a lot of no offense's. That certain phrase doesn't make the fact that you said a mean thing "OK". For exemple, people have said the following while in a normal conversation in which I participated:

"No offense but the French are complete assholes."
"No offense but the French don't shower, they smell horrible."
"No offense but I find Asians are arrogant."

Why would you say no offense and say something mean against my culture which I am so proud of? Why would you say something that stereotypical in the presence of someone you're making fun of? How would you feel if I said something mean against you; but no offense you know.

It would be the equivalent of me saying:
"No offense but all the Americans are just idiots."
Never would I ever openly say this in public or in the presence of someone I might offend.

It's just really frustrating.



Mag-J said...

OMG (Ive seem to be doing that a lot XD<--that too)

I feel the same way!!!

Its like a just a phrase you say so people "dont get hurt" by what you say. PSH Yeah right =)

SimpleDork said...

EXACTAMOONDO. The best way to not get hurt is to shaddup :D

And im glad somene feels the same way ^^ Go Maggie woohoo.