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New School Year Butterflies

Hey there world!

So I'm just sitting here and well doing nothing.. well nothing productive at least. In two days, I have to go to school to get organize and whatchamacall it get my schedule and locker and blablabla. I really look forward to seeing everyone, it's been two months already, can you believe it?

About school, I'm worried of how it's going to be... will people be the same? Will friendships stay the same as they were? You really never know after summer, 2 months without the influence of your school peers can really change the way you are. Being kinda awkward like me, I never really perfectly fit in except for my last year of elementary school where I changed school for the last grade. That was the best year of elementary school I ever had. Highschool is really a different story though.

It's just that I'm worried of how the people are going to be. Will my friends find new ones? This happened before and it just totally sucks. Bleh I'm just overreacting right?

I remember my summer where I was entering grade nine (so last summer), I was so worried about the new adventures of highschool (partially inspired and influenced by movies). I kept asking my older peers about how it was and what to look out for. But I guess it's just another experience to help you grow as an individual, find out who you are, what you like, who are your friends, wahhhh well just finding about yourself!

But I guess the answer to my questions will be revealed soon enough in the upcoming days.