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Shhh! August.


So it's August already! Summer is going by pretty fast >.< But then again I'm excited for school; such a nerd non? When you think about it, school is fun :D You know without all the piles of homework and mean teachers but that's about it. With school you meet new people (and jerk-ish people =.=*), you get to do cool activities, you don't waste most of your time on the computer *cough*cough, and you actually do learn stuff you need. So I think all the complaining is because humans like to complain about stuff. Through blogs for example... *innocent look*.

I think I'm going swimming today wahhh~ Not with my swim team though :c I miss them!
Shhh! I'm hiding :D
Behing the curtains is such a classic! :3

I'm thinking of doing a series of photos around this hide and seek subject. It seems fun! Hiding in cool spaces and taking pictures :D

So long for now fellow bloggers! :)