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More Photo Blogging...

Hey Y'all :) LOL that sounds so Texan.

Anyways, my day was full of editing but today I explored so more creative concepts! Which was very fun! :D Sharing my picture-taking experience here is just adding more to blog about! Which means more post, more photo editing for these post AND more fun! :3

I'm really enjoying getting (the few) comments on my pictures... it just makes me so happy! People (positively) commenting on my art! Weeee~

Today was full of interesting stuff, new experiences and well life I guess. Let's start with my photo-taking craziness. Recently, I've been trying to think of creative concepts and ideas for pictures. Naturally, I take the pictures myself so I would need a tripod. And lucky me, they had one here! It was like a Christmas morning, I was just so happy. But that happiness kinda died when I noticed it was an old tripod and it didn't have a screw so I could put my camera.

So feeling innovative and not wanting to put this tripod to waste, I thought of a solution... I taped my camera to the tripod; sad isn't it? It worked too! Which was the great part of it... I just kinda find it funny :)

Moving on, I spent a couple hours editing this one picture. Which sounds a bit crazy until you actually try to edit a picture yourself and you'll see what I'm talking about :D The best part is that you don't see the hours go by so it's all good!

I'm so small, I fit in a drawer!
This was the first photo I spent a long time editing

I hope you're not getting to bored of my photo babbling post,

Bye for now?