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Weird Restaurant


So a couple days ago we went to a restaurant called "Rudy's". It was quite odd; no vegetables. Oki, call me weird but I find that fact weird. Part of me wanting vegetables is part of my parents training me to eat them... so now I can't have a meal without them.... I don't know what they did but it worked ^__^

ANYWAYS, so at that restaurant the only thing they sold was bread+meat. And the plates were a type of ripped glossy wax paper. Quite the odd meal non? I don't understand how people can eat there.. it's meat AND bread. THAT'S IT O_O

The meat was good.. but it's just so odd.. just eating meat and bread; it's just so carnivorous.

So conclusion: Did I like it? meh. Was the meat good? Yea. Would I come back? No.

As I promised: A photo a post....

One idea led to another and I ended up with this...
Get me out of the big picture ^^