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Not your typical teenager


I'm not your typical teenager :) Or maybe I am, but I always found myself different from most people. I just really fit perfectly with
someone until it automatically clicks most of the time. Don't get me wrong, I don't isolate myself for that reason but I find that it's not the easiest to just feel like I belong. Although for the few people I've met it's a really great feeling! Or maybe I'm just in a depressing mood..

Let's see what makes me different well not different but just me :D

I don't like roller coasters although most people love them> I have this awkward aura that follows me
during every conversation while most people can get along just fine> I know the dimsum funk while people will think I'm crazy> I enjoy photography while people like to stalkbook> I have a blog when others like to talk hours on the phone> I get amazed by little details when some don't even pay attention> I have my own vocubulary filled with wahs, yuppers, blehs, wee, phooie, awe and more while some prefer SMS, I listen to alternative and classic rock while people like the radio stuff> I like being green and eco-friendly when sometimes people just don't care> I admire athletes and artist compared to the people I see who drool over the latest hot guy> I have never seen or read Twilight compared to the rest of the population> I may be book smart but just clueless when it comes to common things of the street smarts> I like ranting about stuff when others come to me to complain about their lives...

Just another ranting post about just emptiness... *sigh* I just had this depressing thought of this post... I'm oki now^^

And I like to believe that I'm normal and the rest of the world is weird >:]
1,2,3,4 I'm counting!
Yet another photo so add to the Hide&GoSeek Set :3