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Well it's 1:33 in the morning and I've been editing photos. I don't this is healthy :P My facebook, manga-reading, email-checking time have been cut down drastically because I'm just editing these photos.

It's just so fun! T.T Kukukuku

Bah I blame the people who got me into this :D (thank you). But it's really fun... I think I'm getting better at understanding the concepts and stuff. I just wish I had a burst of creativity; *sigh* if only I could have awesome ideas like everyone else QQ.

But I'll try to post an edited picture with each blog post :3 That should be easy considering I have plenty edited from today and that my post count is well err... not the highest.


The set of "Whoville" from: How the Grinch stole Christmas
Seen at Universal Studios

Later Alligator ^^

Oh yea I'm so cool.