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Big Plans.

HAi THar World,

As the previous post was talking about my parents, here's an ish-continuation.

My parent's, especially my dad, are planning out my future. They have all these big plans for me, and more or less are forcing me to take part in stuff that honestly I don't really want to do. I want to live my life as a normal teenager. Go to school, eat, sleep, do homework. (Wow I sound like a lazy bum.)

It's ridiculous. They want me to set up a whole project by myself, so that the job opportunities will be easier to get. I'm not motivated to do it.

I'm stuck in a never-ending conundrum, if I say yes; I'll have to do something uber hard, a pain in the arse, and boring. If I say no; I'll get screamed at for being the lazy teen that's unmotivated to do anything and that will have no future.

They have plans for me to do SO many things. Some of them are even unrealistic, what the heck? Are all parent's like that? I always wonder if my parent's are the only ones in the world that act the way they do.

I just want a normal life. A normal social life, a normal school life, a normal teen life. I seem to have quite a 2D vision of the world but I don't look for that extra bit or work. I'm actually quite lazy.

My parents don't see the importance of making friends...well it sure seems that way. It was always about grades and being the "perfect" child. Social life? BAHH.. who needs one?
It's already hard fitting in at school sometimes, I tend to act socially awkward... people don't really get it sometimes... Most girls talk about clothes, boys, appearance and guys talk about their video games and stupid witty comments on shows.

So, I go to school, I get bummed out sometimes and come home to a totally silent house where my parents don't even smile. What kind of stressed out life is this? Is the recession to blame? Or is this the the stress epidemic caused my the recent recession? The questions never end.

Life of a SimpleDork.


Hai Thar World,

Lots of things happened yesterday, the day of the RHAC distance meet. For example: The lights went off the second last race towards the end, the swimmers like totally raped the food room, it was deadly hot, the pool sucked, the water tasted weird... ahh the wonders of meets.

I don't know what to blog about lately.. AH Phooie.

I'm glad midterms are over, that takes a load off. I so failed too.. ah bleh. OOO, IB recommendation letters are due for the end of this month.

*Sigh* My parents are pretty bleh. They always act like they're mad at me, have I done something wrong? I don't think I did... I don't know what's up with them lately. Stress? Work? Both? It's just so frustrating. The slightest distraction from my part get's me screamed at. BAH.

New Swim Blog/ Life

Hai thar,

I decided that I'll start a blog for swimming. Because there's always funny stories to share and stuff... and I also think of funny swim stuff. And this one is going to be about my life and whatever.

So I'll post the link once I make it ^^

I'm very tired lately, just so sleepy and sore from swimming. I don't know what our coach did this week but my body hurt after every practice this week. Crazy women. And she punished us today; we were talking too much. I'm kinda happy it wasn't a 400IM sprint... she made us do that once.

Or even worse, 200FLY...8 times! Because we kept messing up. Another coach made us do that though, he's no longer with the club...

AIYA.. meet tomorrow! And guess what I'm swimming? The two worst events ever... well that's after 1500m. SO yuppers, you guessed it, 800FR and 400IM. It's going to be the nicest day of the year so far tomorrow and I'm going to be stuck in a freaking pool for lie 6 hours. FML.

Oh have I mentioned my midterms. Pretty Fail. I hate it how it's 89... JUST ONE MORE PERCENT TO 90!! Our teachers practically never give 90's+. You pretty much have to get perfect to get that. Which totally uber sucks. T.T

So, therefore my mark was:
French: 89
Math: 89 omg like asian uber fail
Music: 89
Gym: 84 (I'm always tired from swimming T.T)

Average: 87.8 yuppers.

So there you go. BLEH. Dam,n you teachers that don't give past 89 and who favorite students. I don't know why they don't like me... I'm just another student. Ah phooie..

Crazy Eating

Hai Thar,

I don't know if I should be happy about this. I'm the kind of person who burns off energy really quickly. It feels like my body just takes all the energy and just dumps it when I'm active. No saving or storing what so ever.

So who is this annoying? Well I swim competitively and I have 6 practices a week. 3 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon. Anyhoo, since practice drains all your energy. It's best to have a lot before right?

Some people in my group don't eat at all, some only eat like a piece of toast. I have to eat WAYY more...which takes up a lot of my time. Especially before morning practice, I have to get up even earlier to make breakfast. Other people can get out of bed, walk to the door, drive to the pool, swim, and survive the whole practice no problem. I would die.

Want to know what I had for breakfast last Saturday morning?
3 waffles
1 banana
2 cups of juice

UGH.. I feel like such a fatty ^^ ehe... guh. Although not as much as Micheal Phelps. His diet is CRAZY. I'll find a link later. So that's about it... story of my life.

Eat lots, sleep (barely), homework like crazy (acutally not really because I have a SUPER EASY semester), and swim till your legs feel like instant noodles.

Once again,

Noodle legs. & uber mean people.

Hiya thar,

I had practice... my legs are litterally like noodles. It hurts to stand. It hurts to walk. It hurts to sit. BAH! It's annoying... but I should be use to it; like I'm in this state most of the time right? Stupid swimming.

Aha. Speaking of mean people... @_@ This makes me so mad.

Okiies, this might get long...(so sorry in advance)

So, before practice, we had dryland. Dryland is where we do ground exercises to build our muscles and make them stronger. So in english, we do squats, lunges, work with elastics... You know the basic "Get Fit 101".

Since it was so beautiful outside, we decided we'll change things up and go do the dryland outside and go to the soccer field behind the pool. It was sunny, warm and there was a light breeze to blow off the sweat so you stayed cool. It was perfect. UNTIL... (insert mad patty face here)

Our coach set up some stations where we do different exercises. At one of the stations, we had to throw a medicine ball at our partner and when we receive the ball we do a squat. It kinda looks funny but it's not that bad.

We weren't alone. There were also other people hanging out there. But we just ignored them and focused on our exercises. The other people were playing soccer... we'll what looked like soccer. O.o And their ball would often fall on our side of the field.

People: Can you get that?
Coach: No my back hurts... it's your ball take care of it.

(Us swimmers did not dare stop our exercises to kick the ball over to them...we would. BUT if we did... death by coach @_@)

I agree that our coach could have been a little less harsh. I guess she's so use to being mean to us. So that's not what I'm mad about. Because we didn't kick their stupid ball to them, they started mocking us. They said really mean and insulting stuff.

Some of us are asian in our swim group. They said stuff like: F******** asians. OH YEA, blame the asians eh? As I said before, that touches the yellow heart. Look down a little bit to the left on your chest. Right there, it hurts.

Another variant of their fail insults was: Swimming isn't a real sport, why don't you try soccer? HELLO MICHEAL PHELPS. One of the or maybe even the best athlete in history. And FYI, he's a swimmer.

I ignored all the other comments they said. My whole group were really mad at them. They were threatening to go after practice and kick their asses. I was very tempted to agree... Andrew, the biggest guy in our group, wasn't there that day. We told him about it, he's taking care of it :P Just kidding, we're nice swimmers no beating up people; just the intention *innocent smile*

Signing out,

A very mad SimpleDork.

Facebook Craze

Are you part of it?

Almost everyone starting from the 6th grade to fully aged adults have a facebook account these days. Our teachers have it, our friends have it, people who we barely talk to on our friends list have it, and some of our parents have it. Almost everyone has it.

It's the facebook craze.

Who knew a website that allows you to upload photos, send messages to your friends, join groups and among other things could be so time-consuming? When you think about it, WHAT IS SO INTERESTING ABOUT IT o.o? You basically sit there and read about people's ongoing life and about their random rantings. JUst like a talker :)

The facebook craze is so big these days, it's very common for the average person to check his/her account every few hours. But you know you have to...there's a hidden mystical power behind facebook which makes you want to check all the time. Hmmm.

You know you love the:
- Thrill when you see that red notification icon.
- That smile you get when you see a "1" or "2" to the word inbox.
- Or that tingly feeling when you know someone commented on your picture...

Although you hate the fact that your inbox get's flooded ALL THE TIME! And that the new facebook layout that never stops changing has no feug shui and actually makes it less addicting... well atleast in my opinion.

Okay, maybe we're not that obsess, but we're getting there.

Now, sitting here in front of my laptop, I wonder. I wonder if facebook is ever going to get old? Will people think that facebook is "uncool" all of the sudden? Will everyone switch to Twitter or another sort of networking site? You never know, all the changes to facebook might push people to actually leave the site in frustration.

I think that most people could answer yes to these questions:
Do you feel happy whe nyou get notifications? Do you check facebook regularly? Do you send useless messages to your friends because you can? Have you used facebook to spam your friend's wall? Do you add people you don't talk to?

If you answered yes, then you're part of the facebook craze. And you know what? THAT'S OKAY :)

So stand tall, chin up, and admit: I'm part of the facebook craze.

The facebook craze. Are YOU part of it?



I'm uber tired at the moment. I guess you can blame swimming.

Wake up at 6am, practice till 8am. Then blablabla.. Start volunteering at 11 till 2. Then *big sigh* that's it. I love volunteering, the kids are awesome, the instructors are awesome and wahh so many funny memories :)

The kids are really cute... and some can be very annoying. But that's the job I guess.

Some tips to you future volunteers... don't be lazy. Because the instructor I usually help said that he had a volunteer that literally stood there; and didn't help. He said is was quite annoying.
And the staff is really great, they're really nice. So it's good to be friends with them. Future job opportunity?? *wink wink* Anyways, if you're cool, they let you in the office and stuff. Patty feels cool when she's in the office.

I think this post is going to be very random. Anyways.. People in my class are very immature and annoying. Like they don't shut up. I know not everyone is the perfect student but they took it to a whole different level. We don't do anything during that class! I literally just sit there and sleep or draw depending on my mood.

Also, a bunch of students are trying out for IB. You automatically get accepted but you have to be able to stay in the program. That's besides the point... They're complaining about the work we do now and don't do their homework at all... how are they possibly going to survive IB?

We just pass the time where we give in our registration and already people have been dropping out. *Sigh* Perseverance goes a long way...

New template & I CAN COOK!

Why hello thar.

I haven't posted in a while... mainly because my template has been going crazy. That's why I got a new one :) There are still those adorable little birds though :) So it's all good... I just have to get more used to it.

Just a little update on the new layout.. but mainly.. I COOKED SOMETHING. Patty the fail-cook who can only make instant noodles and salad has cooked an eatable meal! :)

TADDAAA.... behold the uber cooking skills:

I don't think you can see well, but there are carrots, potatoes and beef :) I followed this recipe in french so I know it as "Boeuf-Carrotes". Or you can say Carrot-Beef? :P

Anyways, it actually turned out pretty well. My dad liked it a lot :) I guess that's a good thing...

Well I guess it's cool. I cooked. And no one died, pretty impressive? I think so. Anyways... I don't think I'm going to open a restaurant any time soon :P Next step after this? I don't know :) But it was fun cooking...

Endurance Zero.

Today, I've noticed how fail my class is. During gym, we had the famous beep test. An endurance test which consist of running 20m between the sound of two beeps. As the level increases, so does the speed.

Anyhoo, the average not-so-fit person can go up to 5 when they try. BUT, some people manged to not even get to the second level! Which is basically slow jogging speed. I know I'm sounding very inconsiderate saying this... but face the truth. Our generation is lazy and have no physical strength.

Can people seriously not jog for a mere 10 minutes with a couple breaks (If you get there before the beep, you get a little 5-7sec break)? It's pretty sad.

After talking to some people after the beep test, I've heard many things. For example, some said that they've never worked that hard in their life, others said they've never been this tired.

There was even this one guy who thought he was having an asthma attack. As a swimmer, I know what it feels to have completely no energy, no be drained and literally dead. To have your lungs suffer to get that one breath or to have that feeling that air is stuck in your lungs and you can't get it out. It's called being tired.
I tried to convince him it was just the feeling of being tired, the sign that your body has been working hard. But no luck. He insisted on his asthma theory.

That thing is that he could breathe, it's just that it would hurt. And that's the feeling you get almost every swimming practice :)

Makes you think....

So the question still remains, has our generation's physical skills degraded so much we can't even run 10 minutes?

*Sidenote: SimpleDork wished you a Happy April Fools :)*