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I'm uber tired at the moment. I guess you can blame swimming.

Wake up at 6am, practice till 8am. Then blablabla.. Start volunteering at 11 till 2. Then *big sigh* that's it. I love volunteering, the kids are awesome, the instructors are awesome and wahh so many funny memories :)

The kids are really cute... and some can be very annoying. But that's the job I guess.

Some tips to you future volunteers... don't be lazy. Because the instructor I usually help said that he had a volunteer that literally stood there; and didn't help. He said is was quite annoying.
And the staff is really great, they're really nice. So it's good to be friends with them. Future job opportunity?? *wink wink* Anyways, if you're cool, they let you in the office and stuff. Patty feels cool when she's in the office.

I think this post is going to be very random. Anyways.. People in my class are very immature and annoying. Like they don't shut up. I know not everyone is the perfect student but they took it to a whole different level. We don't do anything during that class! I literally just sit there and sleep or draw depending on my mood.

Also, a bunch of students are trying out for IB. You automatically get accepted but you have to be able to stay in the program. That's besides the point... They're complaining about the work we do now and don't do their homework at all... how are they possibly going to survive IB?

We just pass the time where we give in our registration and already people have been dropping out. *Sigh* Perseverance goes a long way...