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Big Plans.

HAi THar World,

As the previous post was talking about my parents, here's an ish-continuation.

My parent's, especially my dad, are planning out my future. They have all these big plans for me, and more or less are forcing me to take part in stuff that honestly I don't really want to do. I want to live my life as a normal teenager. Go to school, eat, sleep, do homework. (Wow I sound like a lazy bum.)

It's ridiculous. They want me to set up a whole project by myself, so that the job opportunities will be easier to get. I'm not motivated to do it.

I'm stuck in a never-ending conundrum, if I say yes; I'll have to do something uber hard, a pain in the arse, and boring. If I say no; I'll get screamed at for being the lazy teen that's unmotivated to do anything and that will have no future.

They have plans for me to do SO many things. Some of them are even unrealistic, what the heck? Are all parent's like that? I always wonder if my parent's are the only ones in the world that act the way they do.

I just want a normal life. A normal social life, a normal school life, a normal teen life. I seem to have quite a 2D vision of the world but I don't look for that extra bit or work. I'm actually quite lazy.

My parents don't see the importance of making friends...well it sure seems that way. It was always about grades and being the "perfect" child. Social life? BAHH.. who needs one?
It's already hard fitting in at school sometimes, I tend to act socially awkward... people don't really get it sometimes... Most girls talk about clothes, boys, appearance and guys talk about their video games and stupid witty comments on shows.

So, I go to school, I get bummed out sometimes and come home to a totally silent house where my parents don't even smile. What kind of stressed out life is this? Is the recession to blame? Or is this the the stress epidemic caused my the recent recession? The questions never end.

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