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Noodle legs. & uber mean people.

Hiya thar,

I had practice... my legs are litterally like noodles. It hurts to stand. It hurts to walk. It hurts to sit. BAH! It's annoying... but I should be use to it; like I'm in this state most of the time right? Stupid swimming.

Aha. Speaking of mean people... @_@ This makes me so mad.

Okiies, this might get long...(so sorry in advance)

So, before practice, we had dryland. Dryland is where we do ground exercises to build our muscles and make them stronger. So in english, we do squats, lunges, work with elastics... You know the basic "Get Fit 101".

Since it was so beautiful outside, we decided we'll change things up and go do the dryland outside and go to the soccer field behind the pool. It was sunny, warm and there was a light breeze to blow off the sweat so you stayed cool. It was perfect. UNTIL... (insert mad patty face here)

Our coach set up some stations where we do different exercises. At one of the stations, we had to throw a medicine ball at our partner and when we receive the ball we do a squat. It kinda looks funny but it's not that bad.

We weren't alone. There were also other people hanging out there. But we just ignored them and focused on our exercises. The other people were playing soccer... we'll what looked like soccer. O.o And their ball would often fall on our side of the field.

People: Can you get that?
Coach: No my back hurts... it's your ball take care of it.

(Us swimmers did not dare stop our exercises to kick the ball over to them...we would. BUT if we did... death by coach @_@)

I agree that our coach could have been a little less harsh. I guess she's so use to being mean to us. So that's not what I'm mad about. Because we didn't kick their stupid ball to them, they started mocking us. They said really mean and insulting stuff.

Some of us are asian in our swim group. They said stuff like: F******** asians. OH YEA, blame the asians eh? As I said before, that touches the yellow heart. Look down a little bit to the left on your chest. Right there, it hurts.

Another variant of their fail insults was: Swimming isn't a real sport, why don't you try soccer? HELLO MICHEAL PHELPS. One of the or maybe even the best athlete in history. And FYI, he's a swimmer.

I ignored all the other comments they said. My whole group were really mad at them. They were threatening to go after practice and kick their asses. I was very tempted to agree... Andrew, the biggest guy in our group, wasn't there that day. We told him about it, he's taking care of it :P Just kidding, we're nice swimmers no beating up people; just the intention *innocent smile*

Signing out,

A very mad SimpleDork.