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Endurance Zero.

Today, I've noticed how fail my class is. During gym, we had the famous beep test. An endurance test which consist of running 20m between the sound of two beeps. As the level increases, so does the speed.

Anyhoo, the average not-so-fit person can go up to 5 when they try. BUT, some people manged to not even get to the second level! Which is basically slow jogging speed. I know I'm sounding very inconsiderate saying this... but face the truth. Our generation is lazy and have no physical strength.

Can people seriously not jog for a mere 10 minutes with a couple breaks (If you get there before the beep, you get a little 5-7sec break)? It's pretty sad.

After talking to some people after the beep test, I've heard many things. For example, some said that they've never worked that hard in their life, others said they've never been this tired.

There was even this one guy who thought he was having an asthma attack. As a swimmer, I know what it feels to have completely no energy, no be drained and literally dead. To have your lungs suffer to get that one breath or to have that feeling that air is stuck in your lungs and you can't get it out. It's called being tired.
I tried to convince him it was just the feeling of being tired, the sign that your body has been working hard. But no luck. He insisted on his asthma theory.

That thing is that he could breathe, it's just that it would hurt. And that's the feeling you get almost every swimming practice :)

Makes you think....

So the question still remains, has our generation's physical skills degraded so much we can't even run 10 minutes?

*Sidenote: SimpleDork wished you a Happy April Fools :)*