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New template & I CAN COOK!

Why hello thar.

I haven't posted in a while... mainly because my template has been going crazy. That's why I got a new one :) There are still those adorable little birds though :) So it's all good... I just have to get more used to it.

Just a little update on the new layout.. but mainly.. I COOKED SOMETHING. Patty the fail-cook who can only make instant noodles and salad has cooked an eatable meal! :)

TADDAAA.... behold the uber cooking skills:

I don't think you can see well, but there are carrots, potatoes and beef :) I followed this recipe in french so I know it as "Boeuf-Carrotes". Or you can say Carrot-Beef? :P

Anyways, it actually turned out pretty well. My dad liked it a lot :) I guess that's a good thing...

Well I guess it's cool. I cooked. And no one died, pretty impressive? I think so. Anyways... I don't think I'm going to open a restaurant any time soon :P Next step after this? I don't know :) But it was fun cooking...


Mag-J said...

Hahaha Well you can cook much betetr than i can

All i knwo is how to scramble eggs, make soup, heat Tv dinners ;D


and i like the template uber much :)

SimpleDork said...

LOLz. We should cook something .. then we'll see if it's eatable :)

Thank yous!