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Hai Thar World,

Lots of things happened yesterday, the day of the RHAC distance meet. For example: The lights went off the second last race towards the end, the swimmers like totally raped the food room, it was deadly hot, the pool sucked, the water tasted weird... ahh the wonders of meets.

I don't know what to blog about lately.. AH Phooie.

I'm glad midterms are over, that takes a load off. I so failed too.. ah bleh. OOO, IB recommendation letters are due for the end of this month.

*Sigh* My parents are pretty bleh. They always act like they're mad at me, have I done something wrong? I don't think I did... I don't know what's up with them lately. Stress? Work? Both? It's just so frustrating. The slightest distraction from my part get's me screamed at. BAH.