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New Swim Blog/ Life

Hai thar,

I decided that I'll start a blog for swimming. Because there's always funny stories to share and stuff... and I also think of funny swim stuff. And this one is going to be about my life and whatever.

So I'll post the link once I make it ^^

I'm very tired lately, just so sleepy and sore from swimming. I don't know what our coach did this week but my body hurt after every practice this week. Crazy women. And she punished us today; we were talking too much. I'm kinda happy it wasn't a 400IM sprint... she made us do that once.

Or even worse, 200FLY...8 times! Because we kept messing up. Another coach made us do that though, he's no longer with the club...

AIYA.. meet tomorrow! And guess what I'm swimming? The two worst events ever... well that's after 1500m. SO yuppers, you guessed it, 800FR and 400IM. It's going to be the nicest day of the year so far tomorrow and I'm going to be stuck in a freaking pool for lie 6 hours. FML.

Oh have I mentioned my midterms. Pretty Fail. I hate it how it's 89... JUST ONE MORE PERCENT TO 90!! Our teachers practically never give 90's+. You pretty much have to get perfect to get that. Which totally uber sucks. T.T

So, therefore my mark was:
French: 89
Math: 89 omg like asian uber fail
Music: 89
Gym: 84 (I'm always tired from swimming T.T)

Average: 87.8 yuppers.

So there you go. BLEH. Dam,n you teachers that don't give past 89 and who favorite students. I don't know why they don't like me... I'm just another student. Ah phooie..