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IB Intimidation


I had this organization day at school today. It was fun, well just like the first day of school... you know where teachers explain their course expectations and blablabla? Well our school just recently got the IB program, and I'm part of it WOOHOO! (Ignoring the fact that all you had to do was get 3 recommendations, be a good student and have an average above 80) I shall be ranting about the people in my class later on in this post.

Anyways, so I'm always really bored during the class introductions normally. But this year was different. I felt intimidated =.= All the teachers said was: You are the pre-IB class! You shall work hard, you shall die (they didn't say that.. it's umm reading between the lines :D) , you shall have proper work ethics, you are doing this unit, the other class is not and well just scary stuff. Why is everything pre-ib? T.T

Will the teachers enjoy seeing are half-opened droopy eyes moving left to right desperate to write the notes from the smart board? Will my eating and sleep schedule get just messed up? I am already warned I have a written history assignment to hand in september.. don't know when but i'm not looking forward to it.

Moving on from the depressing subject... WHY ARE SOME PEOPLE IN IB? (in my class) There's this guy who barely passed science! He passed with a 51... 51!!!! How is he suppose to survive ib? The treacherous and grueling hours of work to achieve the perfect assignment... (only to discover a paragraph of mistakes when you get it back). And not only that but there's also some people who don't shut up and make the stupidest comments during a class, who don't have the initiative to work, who COPY off others.. (this is actually mainly about 1 guy). But like UGH!! How the heck did they get recommendation letters anyways? Oh I can't forget the girls who looks and short skirts matter more then the notes on the board. People just really get ahead of themselves only thinking of the positive outcome of the IB program.. the fact that you get to maybe skip one year of university.

I'm just really frustrated of how some people thought they would work hard because they're in IB. And from what I've seen today.. that thought didn't last too long. The reason so many people who are not be qualified for IB are in the IB program is because our school NEEDS to get student to start. Our school has just been accepted last year. *sigh Maybe in the years to come, they'll have the options to be a little selective.

Yet another rant,