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Quietly ahead


Ha! I'm actually not going to make a photo post this time ^_^ Surprised non? I'm just going to type away my fascinating (not) life here. Anyways, life without swimming is really different. I won't say I have more energy... but I have more time! I'm ahead in almost every subject! How does that work? o-o Swimming is really a weird sport, and surprisingly gives you super homework speed powers. I really don't see why people complain about the amount of homework, there's no stress without swimming! It may be a pain but I'm not as pressured. I'm just really shocked :P But I guess it's a good thing ^_^

Anywhoo, you know how's there these people who just get along with everyone and everything? I find that really cool! Unfortunately, I'm part of the awkward group XD But that's okay, cause that's makes me different. And different is good! :D But seriously, they get along with everyone! It's so amazing :D

I ask myself what could they possibly be doing, but the answer is actually really simple. They're just really outgoing and not-shy.

And it all comes down to: Patty is very shy and quiet. ^_^ But that's okay, cause I don't mind being quiet :D I like to think that as much as everyone tries to act a certain way, they're true nature is bound to reveal itself at one point. There was a quote on HOUSE that i really liked:

"Who you are never changes but what you are never stops."

Or was it vice versa? I really can't remember... fail I KNOW. But whichever way it is, I think it's pretty deep and interesting. I saw that episode a while back and still remember! I guess it really marked me. But it's an interesting quote isn't it?

Oh and a thing that has really been bugging me lately is the people's ignorance at school. For example, in history class today, we watched a mini documentary on WW1. We saw actual footage taken at that time and like scenes of battles, and people running out of the trenches. It was very depressing! But some people laughed! THEY LAUGHED! These people lost their lives to defend civilization and peace, and they're laughing at their deaths? I find that just absolutely sad. Or maybe it was just me because I'm really emotionally sensitive? o-o

Anyways, that was my mini rant.