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The Making of: Earth Support


I felt like blogging, but I didn't really have anything to blog about. So I figured i'd just do a "the making of" kind of post! So this was my first explored photo on flickr! I'm quite proud :3 I've had lots of questions of how it was made, so here it goes! ^_^

So this was the background. I guess I just brighten the colors and yeppers! I really liked this field :) It just looks so nice!

The original picture was actually like this! High-five position! Hurray :D Anyways I rotated this 90 degrees and made a copy and then flipped it so I would have two hands facing opposite ways. This came from the Monster frame self-shoot I did. I just took a bunch of silly pictures ^_^ It was fun.

So after a little brightening and hue saturation adjustments, there you have it! Earth support.