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Swimming isn't a Sport!?

Hey there again :)

I just finished a part of my history project. A very small part considering the project is pretty packed but I guess I still hold some sort of pride over that little fact.

Life without swimming is very less-time consuming. Although I miss my friends, the lessons, and the experiences I get from this sport, I guess it was my time to go. I think swimming has impacted my life for the better. I don’t think I would be the same person that I am now if I had not gotten those life lessons.

Also the misconception that people make about swimming being not a sport really bothers me. For me, a sport is something physical that you do that involves both body, mind and in which you learn a way of living and self-discipline. A sport for me isn’t something in which you have to run fast, or be all “tough”. It’s not something that has to be “hard” or physically overwhelming. It just has to be something that trains both your body doing physical activities and mind focusing to work as one. This may be a vast definition, but the sports industry is also as vast.

So when someone tells me swimming isn’t a sport, I’d like to say: (after the furious spazzing in my head and a couple “then why don’t you come to my practices”) I would ask why isn’t it a sport. The answer I get most of the time? Because it’s “easy” or “all you do is move your arms and legs in water, the water basically carries you” That is THE MOST bull I’ve ever heard.If you think about it, any sport can be rationalized. Soccer is just kicking a ball in a net, volleyball is hitting a ball over a net, basket-ball is bouncing a ball and throwing it into a net.

The beauty of any professional athlete is to make it look easy and hide the torturous feeling. So I hope next time, when someone asks me this questions, they’ll put a little more thought into it.