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One Week Done


It's been one week already! Can you believe it? Once week of highschool. One week of pre-IB. One week of stressing done. Lots of stuff can happen in one week. It's really great. Most people might think school is a place for torture, but for now i really enjoy going to school; it's somewhere where I can be myself and see different kinds of people. *Sigh, the simplest things amaze me.

But something has really been bugging me at school. There's nothing I can do about it because well it's kind of the point of school. It's the learning process. I think I tend to get things faster (I REALLY don't mean to sound cocky, although that came out very cocky =.=). It's just so annoying to hear something you understand over and over and over again. And then people ask why you did this or that... and you're like fkdj;lfjdsaljf. But seriously, sometimes it's just sad. 30minutes on one topic? BORING! I mean does it really confuse you to go from:


Do you really have to do ALL THE STEPS. I mean like isn't it obvious? Apparently not. It's just so ugh! I just sit there and do homework in class while the teacher is explaining over and over again. I'm about a section and a half ahead T.T Kinda gives you an idea huh? Gah, I guess my ranting is quite boring ^^

Oh, I was thinking I could post my photo outtakes here on my blog so I don't waste my flick upload bandwidth :D!! (200 max photos without pro account, UGH!)

- pat