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Welcome To IB


Well today was the first day of school. It was fun. It's just amazing to see the people you haven't seen in 2 months. (Oooo this is cool, I'm typing without looking at the moment). Anyhoo, I have a pretty loaded semester with 2 pre-IB courses. But I'll manage right? Well I hope so. Trying to be positive! :D

So my day was pretty.. well school-ish.

Period 1: Music. I had to endure a full period of basic music theory talk. ARGH, it was so boring! But I hope it's going to get better while we move along with the year. I just really hope we don't do too much basic stuff.

Period 2: English. English is fun. Well you can't really define it fun but I don't mind it. We're studying Edgar Allen Poe... apparently he was a dark character. That should be interesting.


Period 3: History. Oh this was the most surprising class. First thing when we came in, we were greeted by a lovely summative assignment info sheet. WE HAVE A SUMMATIVE ASSIGNMENT HANDED TO US ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! What the heck is this? Oh right, and IB welcoming.

Period 4: Math. A bunch of boring revision that I finished in the first quarter of class. Nothing much to say.. GAh I'm always bored in math =.= BRING ON THE TRIGONOMETRY. (Oh wow, I spelled that right without spellcheck.)

Anyways, I hope your day was as filled as mine :D