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Photography has taught me...


A you already know my new photography passion, I've noticed that it's been bringing me so much more than pictures and editing skills.

Photography has brought me another way of viewing my surroundings. I find myself looking at the sky for the possibility of a great sky stock. Or I tend to look into peoples' eyes to see their depth
and uniqueness of every individual. I try to think of things I've always wanted to do and try to make an edit with that concept. These are all things I never did. Now I look up and see a beautiful sky after dawn every morning, a great way to start my day. I can also fall into someone's stare as they're talking just by looking at their eyes. I now know that with photography, anything is possible. Even if you're editing yourself in your dreamworld, the time you spent creating your composition is well worth it!

Photography is really a vast and wonderful world. It brings out the beauty of everything and proves that our world can be viewed from more than one perspective. It's really incredible when you think about it; seeing as the simplest of sunsets can make your heart feel warm or that the conceptual picture can make you think.

I'm just so grateful that I've gotten into photography. I have a million thankyous to my friend who persuaded me to take interest in it again. It's just been wonderful, there's still so much to learn!

- Pat