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WW1: Finished Project


So as I said, I'd post my WW1 project :D I actually REALLY like how it turned out (and plus I'm done a week early, skills!) I'm actually so proud right now. I'm so cool right, being excited about a school project? O.o But I think it turned out really authentic? GAH, I'm always so excited for projects. I guess it's just my thing, I don't know.

But here it is, tell me how it is! :D

I really like the bow. I think it goes great with the tones.

The photos I took are simply printed out.

The aged letters! :D they smell really good, because I dipped the letters in vanilla tea :3

A close-up of the letters. The brown is a mix or tea and coffee! Cool eh?

We had to have the IDs of the people writing the letters. I like how these ones turned out :D I burned the edges.... it was pretty fun. Quite scary though. And I only managed to mess up once (whole paper burned up O_O)

Anyways, I'm quite happy at the moment. Although I have a comparative analysis for english. I have to compare Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" vs the Simpson's "The Tell-Tale Head". Pretty cool English teacher right? Bad thing is I have one day to write it.. tomorrow =.= Ah well.



JB said...

Hey congratulations. Looks awesome! My favorite thing to do in school was projects like this. So much fun. You rock! Awesome job!