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What does it mean to be a swimmer?


I had a different swimming blog before, but I think I should just write on this one, it is my part of my life anyways.. So I'll be importing the post I really like ^_^

Enjoy! :D

Some people say swimming isn't a sport. Micheal Phelps proved that wrong. Some people now wonder what it means to be a swimmer... so what does it mean?

Being a swimmer means working hard to achieve what you want. Ignoring the people that say you'll never be what you aim to be and constantly pushing your limits. Working yourself to the bone so you can get that gratifying feeling at the end of each workout.

It's knowing that every stroke you take, takes you a step closer to what you truly want to become. Every flipturn can turn your world upside down. Every breath is a present you give yourself.

Being a swimmer means waking up early when everyone is sound asleep to dive in a pool to do what you do best. To swim in whichever conditions may present you in the best way you can.

It's trusting yourself and your coach to mold yourself into a better swimmer.

Being a swimmer is knowing that there is no such thing as limits. What you set your mind to do is what you can do. We've all learn from Phelps that impossible is nothing. Achieving your dream and goals can always and will be in arms reach if you set your mind that way. You can always go a little further.

It means to aim for excellence on good days, on bad days, on all your days. It's to focus on aiming for the best.

It's coming to the pool on a bad day and having your teammates cheer you up and make you forget. It's having you plow your anger out in the water and release that tension. Dump all your emotions in the water and leave practice fresh like a new slate.

Being a swimmer means loving your team. Loving the laughs, the moments, the relays, the events, the meets, the never-ending sets...together. Having them encouraging you at your worst and best events. Losing your voices together at competitions cheering for each other; and learning from your mistakes.

Being a swimmer is loving the sport.