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History and School


I have this really big history project and well it’s about WW1 of course. But I’m kind of motivated to push myself to do something really creative and different for this project :D I have this idea of taking some pictures of myself and seeing if I can make it look like it’s from the war times. Yay! For dressing up as a soldier. I also want to make it like it’s an envelope and that would be my title page.

Being a creative side to my projects is always something that excites me. I hope to post my project here on my blog if it turned out the way I wanted it to (fingers crossed).

Anyways, I’ve been spending quite some time on it. And plus I actually got my parents to correct it which is like torture because they practically tell me that my whole text doesn’t make sense T.T but striving for the perfect project, what’s better than the perfect spellcheck! *Sigh this project is really time consuming though.

I really think swimming would have interfered with the amount of work I’m getting this year. So I guess it was the best decision, although there will always be that one part of me that will regret leaving and feel some sort of guilt.

But school has been good in general this year.. I guess. We had some couple new people, I wanted to talk to them but I was too shy. Really feels like it should be vice versa eh? Anyways, I guess it can’t be helped.

And I find math ridiculously easy.. like it’s so boring. I thought the pre-Ib pace would be faster. BUT NOOOO. There’s always this one guy who doesn’t get it! Always slows the class down, so the teacher has to explain it over and over and over and over and over AGAIN. It’s so amazingly annoying. I thought you had to be able to get things faster for the IB program. For now, it’s the same boring math class as I had last year. Don’t get me wrong, I actually don’t mind math…… when you don’t explain the same !#*)(#* thing over and over again.

Anyways, it’s probably just me, I should let others learn at my their own pace right?