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Back in Austin


So I arrived back in Austin yesterday. It feels nice to be back at well "home"... although I can't really say that. Without countless hours on the road driving back, it was a pain. I have never been in a car for that long! O_O Who knew sitting down in a car seat could wear you out that much...

But nonetheless, I think my fatigue is also due to the fact that I pulled an all-nighter yesterday. Yuppers, I got home from a long road trip and instead of sleeping.. I stayed up to 7am. Smart move... I know. It was a good experience though. How? Well I don't really stay up late or pull any stunts like that usually. You can say my life is pretty lame :)

What else is new? OH! I GOT CONVERSE :3 Just normal Grey All Stars... but I always wanted them so YAY!!! Converse is awesome. Maybe I'll post a picture of them later but you know what they look like ^_^

ARGH! I have a whole yellow book of noob piano theory to do. Minors, majors, relative minors, double sharps, double flats, tonic, mediant, submediant... I'm going crazy. The worst part is that I totally fail at identifying the key signature of scales.. who do others do it!! >.< So unfair. AHH I wish I better at theory.

So many piano stuff to do; I also have to practice my songs. GAH, why can't I be gifted in piano like all the otehr asians :C. AH BAH.

HARHAR.. I found a baby picture of me; here's baby patty lol:

So small :3