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Awesome Vacay!


Guess where I am? VEGAS BABY! I walked around in Vegas at night yesterday... phew I'm tired now (I also stayed up with my buddy on skype). But that's besides the point..

Vegas was pretty damn cool.

There, I saw this show called American Superstars. It's a show where they impersonate people. They had Carrie Underwood, the King of Pop, Elvis Presley, Britney Spears and some other country singer. Can't remember.. teehee. It was pretty cool! So yea, here's MJ:

Before the show, we got to eat in the stratosphere! You know, that big tower? Anyways, it got us by surprise because it was a high class restaurant. But we didn't know that, when we got our tickets, they didn't mention that small detail... But nonetheless, this time not being my first at a high class restaurant, the food was really great!

Yum, yum and yummier! :)
But it was quite the experience! The restaurant revolved too so you could see the view 360 degrees. It was really fancy and nice! :3 Now for some more picture spamming... behold the coolest dining experience:

All these pictures were taken by me! :) Wow this summer vacation is really something!