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New Experiences!

HAI Thar World,

So guess what I did today... I went to my friend's Tae Kwon Doe Competition! You could see all the peopple dressed in white with their colored belts. I have never seen so many people gathered in one room that could potentially kick my butt. SO it was interesting I guess, but it started to all look the same at one point.

I am currently sitting on my butt and being lazy. WOW, amazing what summer can do to you right? Bahhh.. je suis une lazy butt.

On the side note, it's hot in Austin, Texas -_-
Like seriously, I thought Canadian weather was hot...

OOOOoo... I forgot to tell you guys about my fail guitar experience. I was at my friend's house with other people. We made yummy bubble tea and decided that we'll play around with the instruments. My friend, who plays the guitar, played some pretty epic songs and me (who was feeling very optimistic about my guitar playing skills; tried to learn a chord).

The Patty Process of Chord Learning.
1- Take guitar without dropping it.
2- Position fingers in right position.
3- Damn piano fingers bend, I press strings I'm not suppose to and not to forget the failure of stretching my fingers to reach certain frets.
4- In a very awkward position, I attempt to strum.
5- Of course, the beautiful sound of silence resonates in the room. (Apart from the laughter of my "friends")
6- That's right, I can't even make the right sound for the guitar *facepalm
7- OH it doesn't end here... I DROPPED the pick.
8- So I had to shake the guitar until I could get it out.. bahh

Wahhh... Domo playing guitar!

There are wonderful videos, courtesy of my peers of course! :)