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My Very First iMAX Expeience

Hai Thar World,

I watched my very first movie in IMAX today. It was SO COOL! Everything looked so real like I could touch it, and it was a documentary about the Grand Canyon. There were scenes where it would give you the impression that you're in a plane flying above the canyon.


Uber coolness right there! And sometimes it would go down.. so it felt like ZOMG! >.< Nonetheless, it was awesome! I would watch IMAX anyday!

Oh right, I'm staying at a hotel just a mile away from the Grand Canyon at the moment. I'm so excited to see the Grand Canyon! People come from all over to see it this place; one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

It's kinda late now, well not really I stayed up until 3:30am last friday night. We talked all night it was funny. We complained about asian parents, and had nostalgic flashbacks of our childhood. We were going to pull an all-nighter but we fell asleep before... a little fail non? Ehe, whatever... it was fun! :D

This is the longest road trip I've ever been on. We're on the road for the most part of the day with a couple few rest stops; I'm sure it's going to be worthwhile! I'm seeing things I've never seen before, it's a real amazing experience.

So this is my summer so far, parents shipping me off to places and me learning new things everyday!

Patty signing out! :)

Fact 1- Americans say restroom instead of washroom lol

Fact 2- I never appreciated colored money..until now. Canadian money rocks!

Fact 3- It's so hot.

Fact 4- I'm 3 hours jet lagged.. ah guh!