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American Rant

HAI THAR WORLD (*cough*maggie),

I shall rant a bit more. Although I hate generalizing, I'm not going to but rather just talk about the kids I met so far; American Kids *sigh*.

Rude, talking back to their parents, having no appreciation for what they do, selfish, annoying, well honestly just rude and not listening to what their parents say.

Unlike Canada, America is more like a Melting Pot, a tomato soup where everything is one and the same. People merge to be the same to be accepted. On the other hand, Canada is more of a fruit salad. Where every ingredient keeps its flavor and individuality but is mixed together to form one delicious salad :)

So conclusion? Salads are better than tomato soups >:) AND healthier!

The kids I met here were like your stereotypical Russell Peter Ryan like kid. Not listening to their parents... and I guess we all do that but it's the fact that they're really rude and ignorant too.

Thinking that money grows on trees, that parents are there to make their lives miserable, complaining, taking things for granted, having MAJOR attitude, not appreciating the small things in life and always being moody for some reason.

American kids don't smile much... I find it weird.

I guess that's the end of my rant. It just makes me so mad... cause I can tell their parents try hard to discipline them (nothing like the reverse psycho asian-way) but the kids won't listen. It's really heartbreaking to see the faces of the parents sometimes when the kids won't listen.

They just don't know what to do! That must suck... I guess you don't want your kid to end up in a never-ending life ending hurricane which will lead them to a miserable life regretting the fact that they didn't listen to you and ruined their own life.

Wow that was sad O.o

Anyways, I'm tired.

Later... for now.


ABCDErica said...

Though I agree for the most part, I think there are some kids out there that still can show respect, you just have to find out where they are. Oh, and I smile, a lot... =)

Mag-J said...

hahaha you know that reference you made??
the salad soup thing


That was the EXACT reference we had in geo...

but that makes sense, you probably got that from there ;)

lol... =.-

anywayy, at least everythiing is like -09-0934times cheaper

go to taco bell and get fat ;)