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I saw Ice Age today! It was so good! Although I had to go with a 9 year old and didn't get to see it with my friends, it was still epic :D I won't spoil it and quote all my favorite jokes because:

1- They are way to many!
2- That would just be so jerkish of my part :P
3- It wouldn't make sense when I type them

This was also the first movie I ever saw on American soil. How are the theaters here? Well.... they're small! I don't know if it was just this one; but it was smaller than the one at Elgin. Hard to believe eh? The screen was less wide, and there were less seats. Oh, they also show like 30180239812 warnings about turning off your cellphone. They only show one in Canada right?

They had this quote saying:
"It takes a lot of phone calls to make a movie but only one to ruin it."

Clever non?


Mag-J said...


We should watch HP7 when it comes out ;)

SimpleDork said...

But I'm the only one on Earth who hasn't watched HP 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.....might be a problem.