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Hypocrite. (Rant)


I'm kinda mad at the moment. Why is it that people can say bad things about the people who I idolize or admire yet when the smallest things said about their idols is the end of the world?

People have different taste in music; deal with it. You can say you don't like a certain band but you don't have to take it to another step and start saying stuff like;

Why would anybody like them? They're just absolutely horrible... I mean really! And keep going on and on and ON AND ON AND ON!! Especially when someone who likes them is right beside you. It's just respect like honestly. But it someone says something bad about YOUR favorite band, they're stupid or don't know anything about music. No, that's not it... they must be crazy but mostly stupid.

LIKE UGH! Do you want to hear about the people who you look up to put down? In a really rude way too...

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion." Yes. THEN RESPECT OTHERS OPINIONS!!!

As a swimmer, I look up to Micheal Phelps. I don't need to hear all the negatives about him. He did drugs, he smokes pot, he parties, he hooks up with girls... okay. That's not why I look up to him. I see him in the water, swimming, winning and doing what he does best. He's one of the best athletes in the world! SO SHUT UP! (I'm sorry that was harsh o.o)

I'm just really frustrated that some people who I'm around at the moment are really opinionated and make sure they get their point across. Like they don't care what other people think.. just what they like. And they're not open to different things, different people... stuff that's not your average joe. Because what they think is the ONLY way to go.

People who are asian are weird or odd.
Rock is horrible... rap is the way to go.
AE, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister... Why the hell would you wear that?
Family Guy is awesome.
CSI sucks.
Adam Lambert sucks.
Basket-ball is the coolest sport.
Smart cars suck and should be destroyed.
Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy are the worst bands EVER.

And many more things...

So basically, I feel left out most of the time... Always being different. I always have to sit there in the car or whatever and listen to their stupid obnoxious comments about the stuff I enjoy.

It's just really annoying...