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Overwhelmed D:


(Rant warning)

Oh my has school changed since the beginning of the year. It's all projects hwk projects hwk.. and umm projects D: And don't but it's school, you expect to get work non? NO THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Damn IB. I miss one day of school and I'm completely lost like UGH!

English: Projects + essay.... We're finishing that this weekend.
History: Huge Test @_@ Doesn't help that I dont know anything either... gah. Why are politics so complicated! D:
Math: Revision, homework, revision and it alternates (BLEH)
Music: Got to learn clocks on flute and focus on end of month evaluation. (I feel bad for people that have visual arts.. it's even worst!)

GAH :) I was sick today.. and guess what I did. 2hrs of history revision. And the ad part is I only managed to do half. I'd like to think of myself as a moderate pace worker.. but ten questions in 2hrs?! Apparently our test has 8 questions. Oh I smile at the thought of development questions.

A very tired and dead,