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Hiya: Update

Hey :)

What's up world? I haven't had much time to blog, take photos, or even THINK of photos lately. Totally sucks. School is like a vaccum.. no a black hole! It just sucks all your time, and everything else! (And grades suck too XD)

Let's see I have to:
- Write an essay about romeo and juliet (UGH!) Damn you love at first sight.
- Make a Romeo and Juliet video (modernizing it)
- My history revision
- Study for history :P

BUT I managed to finish my math homework early and our group finished history :D So that's always good ^^

Nonetheless, some updates of what's going on lately. I got a job! (claps). I now work as assistant coach! And WOW, it's hard D: Being a coach is very hard! It requires a lot of focus and quick thinking. But nonetheless, I think it's a very good experience :) I'll get to learn new stuff and be with my team mates at the same time. It's great! (and my eyes burn from the chlorine and my legs go numb sometimes XD)

I think that's all for now :) Pretty big news right? Best of luck for you guys! ^_^
- pat