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It's harder than it looks.


So as we all know, school is a (insert desired word here). So I don't think I should rant about that :) But I don't know what to talk about.. so I'm just going to ramble along...

I was talking to a friend the other day and we got into this conversation of what bothers us. And well, apart from deadly school work and evil teachers, we named a couple traits that some people have. It really drives us crazy. For him it was the fact that some people try too hard to fit in with the crowd.

And that makes me think. Why do people do that? Why do they feel that they themselves are not enough to be "cool"? Why is today's youth obsess with being accepted by certain peers? But then again, sometimes it's hard to find people like you. And I can say that it is hard.

Nobody in my grade has shown interest in photography.
Nobody in my grade makes up words and actually uses them on a daily basis.
Nobody in my grade just wants to talk about random mangas and asian music groups.
But who can blame them :P

But you know I survive. Most of the people I hang out with aren't at my school and I barely get to see them. And one is overseas (woohoo =.=) Sometimes, I get how frustrating it is. But I still don't see why you should change who you are as a person. I've lost friends who immersed themselves into the crowd and they've completely changed. And it's just sad because you knew the person they once were.

But sometimes I wonder.. How can so many people share such shallow interest and be so ignorant while so little people can share the same interest and values as me? How can my whole class laugh at a war movie when it hurts me to see it?

I guess it is true when they say true friends are hard to find.

BAH, I guess I turned this into me towards the end and about school. Hm whatever, school is a big part of my life anyways. :D And it's my blog so BAH! :D



jason laucker said...

wow i dont know what to say. you've clearly expressed my thoughts as well. i can relate to that, and i didnt think anyone else would think that way.

agh.. you so deeep!!!!!