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Couple Cool Things

Hey what's up bloggers of the world.. (there's probably like one person reading my blog)

Anyways.. couple things I wanted to talk about :P

So first of all.. that huge rant down there.. WOW. It's long. But please note I was really pissed off so that was kind of a way to let it all out. I kinda feel more of those super long rants coming soon though.

Second of all, XML TEMPLATES RULE. I always wondered how to change my template to the super cool ones I see. Super easy, super fast.
- Just google XML templates. (Download the desired template)
- Log on to your dashboard whatever, just go to the "layout" section.
- Then click "Edit HTML"
- Save your current template somewhere by clicking on "Download Full Template"
- Then click "Browse" and I think you can figure it out :)

Two minutes tops :)

Also... There's some pretty cool and funny sites to check out. They waste time pretty easily; so if you're bored... it's a thing to keep you busy.

Hear about people's f***** lives. (it's actually really funny)

Look at other people's art?

Look at FAIL pictures, FAIL videos. It's really funny too.

The MOST time-consuming site:

ZOMG.. I waste so much time on that site :)

Read manga.

And by then, you should have wasted enough of your time in front of a computer:) Go read.

So that's pretty much it.. Be prepared for a boring post about the economic situation affecting people soon.