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One word. Parents. They make me so mad, they act like they don't care, they ignore what I say, and EVERYTHING is always my fault. How do you deal with your parents?

I don't know what to do... I'm confused, I feel sad and like a disappointment to my parents. Everything I do is wrong. I'm never good enough. Always have to be better...when I do something decent; nothing.

Then I ask myself... Does everyone around me have to deal with this? Do they also have parent issues? Or am I just the only one with parents as messed. I hear my friends all the time saying I love you to their parents and vice versa. My parents never say that. Do they live a normal simple life?

It seems like I'm always caught in the middle of things. A huge clutter and I'm dead center. My dad thinks my and I are very messy. I'm a teenager, it's how I am. I'm not going to be the cleanest person in the world. Then, on the other hand, my mom thinks my dad I are messy and lazy. It's just crazy.

And even worst, every time I'm alone with one parent, they rant about the others flaws and how much they annoy them. I don't like when they fight. So why tell me about how much you hate the other? I hate it, I can't say anything when they're saying that; I just basically sit there and litsen to them insult their spouse, my other parent.

The list just goes on and on. I've recently told them I wanted to become a Sports M.D when I'm older...I thought they'd be happy. But instead, all I hear is, you better study hard to make it to Med school, if you do that you'll never make it, someone who makes it to med school doesn't do that.... and blablabla.

I'll just wrap it up with one last thing. It's getting kinda late... My parents are never proud of me. During competitions, major events or even school, my parents always ask what other kids were doing, how they did. Don't they want to know about what I did? And during a whole car ride all I hear is how good my friend did or how amazing another did or even how impressed they were with some certain individual.

I know this sounds very selfish of me and I sound very ignorant and ungrateful at the moment. But I feel mad and sad and... a whole bunch of emotions I can't explain. I guess this is just a way to let it all out... or rant a bit ..



Mag-J said...

ERR Parenst frustrate me too X(
but its all for the better right?? i hope...=D

SimpleDork said...

Oh i was really mad :) But yesh it's all for the better .......guh.

I can't believe you read all my post.