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SO with the new year approaching, let's look back and see what this year of 2009 has brought me :) (feel free to do your own post!)

This 2009 I:

- went to the states for the first time :D
- met a really uberly awesome friend there that lives in taiwan
- Finished my first year of high school? :D
- took up photography! I think it's been 5 months so far! ^_^
- got a job
- saw the grand canyon
- went to las vegas
- had an all-nighter while on skype (oh can you feel the coolness?)
- had a fail all-nighter XD
- discovered my fail skills at guitar
- Discovered MLIA :D
- stopped swimming T.T
- cried of joy and sadness
- grew? (please please please :3)
- got into asian music (aahaha XD)
- Discovered some pretty cool and intense photographers (2010 i can perhaps meet them :O?)
- SAW THE OLYMPIC TORCH! :D Not in vancouver though lol ^^
- OH got a phone!
- unveiled the true nature of some people for the good and bad
- got into ib by simply filling out an application
- got a flickr account?
- learned about our world history ^^
- Got an SLR :D
- saw american idol! :D (yay adam lambert ^^)
- got converse
- saw a full rainbow

That's all i can think for now lol. I realize this is a very boring blog post ^^

peace :D